Supplying goods or services to GSK

General Terms & Conditions

GSK reserves the right to propose contractual terms and conditions that it considers appropriate to a particular procurement initiative. To speed up the contracting process and reduce the volume of paper when issuing purchase orders from certain sites around the world, GSK has developed some simple web-based sets of terms and conditions ("the General Terms & Conditions").

Rather than issue the General Terms & Conditions with each purchase order ("Order") issued, GSK incorporates them in each Order via a statement on each Order referring to this page.

Additionally, we produce a 3rd Party Supplier Code of Conduct (1.7MB PDF) that aligns with our ethical, social and environmental responsibilities to maximise the long term sustainability of our business and the communities in which we operate.

Accessing the General Terms & Conditions

The following General Terms & Conditions and other supporting documents are applicable to orders issued by GSK sites or businesses based in the locations indicated below.

You may need to install Adobe Reader to view these documents. If you are having difficulty viewing them, please call the telephone number set out in the relevant order.


   1. Canada General Terms & Conditions (GSK) in English (49KB PDF)
   2. Canada General Terms & Conditions (GSK) in French (53KB PDF)
   3. Canada General Terms & Conditions (ViiV Healthcare) in English (52KB PDF)
   4. Canada General Terms & Conditions (ViiV Healthcare) in French (53KB PDF)


   1. Purchase of Goods & Services (China) in English (513KB PDF)


   1. GSK Egypt Purchase Order Terms & Conditions (269KB PDF)

Gulf and Near East

   1. Pharmaceutical Business (Gulf & Near East) & Consumer Healthcare Business (Arabia and Iran) (385KB PDF)


   1. GSK Ireland Goods and Services Terms & Conditions (PDF)


   1. GSK Philippines Purchase Order Terms & Conditions (PDF)


   1. Portugal Termos e Condições de Aquisição: Bens e Serviços (130KB PDF)


   1. Singapore General Terms & Conditions (88KB PDF)

South Africa

    1. South Africa Terms & Conditions for Goods & Services (PDF)


   1. Condiciones generales de entrega de producto a GlaxoSmithKline en España (Castellano) (PDF)
   2. General terms and conditions of purchase, goods and services to GlaxoSmithKline in Spain (English) (PDF)
   3. GMS Aranda (PDF)


    1. Thailand General Terms & Conditions in English (209KB PDF)
    2. Thailand General Terms & Conditions in Thai (244KB PDF)

United Kingdom

   1. UK General Terms & Conditions (IT Software & Services) (PDF) 
   2. UK General Terms & Conditions (Goods & Services) (PDF)

United States

   1. US General Terms & Conditions (119KB PDF)
   2. US Routing Guide (75KB PDF)
   3. US Promotional Distribution Receiving Specifications (61KB PDF)
   4. US General Terms & Conditions (ViiV Healthcare) (51KB PDF)

Application of the General Terms & Conditions

The terms and conditions in any separately negotiated written contract entered into by the parties in respect of the goods or services identified in the Order shall overrule the General Terms & Conditions.

Supply Chain Finance

Supply Chain Finance is available to suppliers who meet certain criteria. If you are a supplier to GSK and would be interested in hearing more about this programme, please contact your Sourcing Group or Commodity Manager.

If you are enrolled in the programme and would like further details from our Supply Chain Finance provider, JP Morgan, please see their internet page.

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