Who the partnership is supporting

The Tanzania Communication and Development Center 
Engaging and educating communities on malaria and promote positive are-seeking behaviours

Christine Barrett, Translational Medicine Director, United Kingdom
Women members of 3 community groups, Kelebuka Twitunge and Upendo 1 & 2 sit in a meeting with their Community Change Agent. Mia Collis / Comic Relief

The Association of Private Health Facilities in Tanzania 
Helping improve malaria healthcare services in the private and public sector, and increase malaria knowledge

Title: EnABLE Survey – Discrepancies in SLE management: barriers to improved care, cover image
Waki Hussein in her home. She is very vulnerable to malaria and gets recurring fevers on average every three months.

The Clinton Health Access Initiative 
Training private providers in three districts to support health workers' diagnosis and tracking of patients with suspected malaria.