Martin Andrews leads our efforts to advance the treatment of rare diseases.

Rare Disease Day holds personal significance for two colleagues working in our Rare Disease Unit; Jessica Imrie and Julie Venners Christensen both have children with rare disorders.

Professor Ronald Dahl recently joined GSK as a Global Medical Expert in the GSK Global Respiratory Franchise.

Deborah Gildea is based in Singapore and currently heads up our commercial Pharmaceuticals and Vaccines businesses in Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar. But this is only the tip of the iceberg in her career story to date.

Our Chief Scientist, Rino Rappuoli, explains how science is helping create the vaccines of tomorrow

Anthony Tropea has been part of the team leading the roll-out of our Partnership for Prevention Programme.

See how our GSK trainer train sub Saharan Africa scientists in analytical chemistry.

GSK medic, Emma Hilton, tells us about her career in science and how she makes hard work easier.

Celebrating UK National Women in Engineering Day, Suzanne talks about the importance of networks, facing adversity and embracing your weaknesses.

Professor Christopher Cooper joined GSK as a Global Medical Expert, Scientific Faculty, GSK Global Respiratory Franchise. Here he explains why he chose to move from academia to industry.

Andy Dundon leads our Research and Development (R&D) Device Engineering team in Ware, UK. His team focuses on ways to improve the design of our drug delivery devices, including through the use of digital technologies.

Dr. Murray Stewart is our Chief Medical Officer. In this role, he is the most senior physician at GSK, and has overall responsibility for patient well-being across vaccines, pharmaceutical and consumer medicines. He also oversees medical ethics and integrity.

Today too many people suffer unnecessarily because of the poor management of their asthma and COPD.

Rajendra is a medical representative in India. He commutes 30 kilometres everyday by motorcycle - and that doesn't even include the time spent on the road during the day.

In 2015, GSK Vaccines sent two vaccine manufacturing teams to South America and Africa to better understand the impact of their daily work.

Laura is a scientist and a mum. Here she describes what motivates her to fight against malaria.

Speaking in the GSK Open Series conversations, Nikki Yates, head of UK pharmaceuticals at GSK, and Vivienne Parry, TV science presenter and author, identify a number of factors for the shortfall.

A mechanical engineering graduate on a GSK Future Leaders Programme is helping to develop user-friendly devices to administer treatments safely.

PULSE volunteer, Mizanul Islam shares his experience of working with Save the Children in Bungoma County, Kenya for six months in 2015.

Allan Pamba recalls his experiences as a doctor in Kenya and why he decided to work for ‘the enemy' - a pharmaceutical company.

Simon Wright, Head for Child Survival at Save the Children, talks about how we’re working together to make sure the health needs of the world’s poorest children are at the top of everyone’s agenda.

We're encouraging our employees to explore new ideas beyond the remit of their role

In the world of business—and scientific research—war metaphors abound. “Hitting our targets.” “Fighting cancer.” What we don’t see are many comparisons to peacekeeping.

The PULSE Volunteer programme is GSK’s flagship skills-based volunteering initiative. Launched in 2009, PULSE serves as a matchmaker for GSK and the non-profit sector – connecting the skills of our high-performing employees with the pressing needs of our non-profit partners.

GSK apprenticeships offer students keen on a career in science an alternative to the traditional university pathway.

Lisa Bonadonna, head of the partnership at GSK, talks about a product innovation under development.

Our VP of east Africa and government affairs, Allan Pamba, explains his desire to improve the health of people in Africa.

Anna Shaw is a Laboratory Analyst apprentice within our manufacturing organisation, based at our Ulverston site.

Peter Albert couldn’t have known how instrumental his expertise would be in helping fight the Ebola outbreak.

Patrick Vallance talks about how he went from leading an academic department to his current role heading up our R&D operations.

Danielle Smith is on the Communications Graduate programme and joined GSK in 2012 after graduating from the University of York.

Alicia joined our graduate scheme as an electrical engineer in September 2012.

GSK responded to the crisis by contributing humanitarian support and accelerating the development of an investigational Ebola vaccine.

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