Academic collaborations

Partnering with academic researchers is an important part of our research and development activities. Find out how we work with academic institutions and what our priority areas of science are, and get information on special funding programmes such as Trust in Science Africa.

Academic collaborations

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How we work

We give our academic partners the freedom to evolve their ideas while supporting them with our unique capabilities and expertise.

Our priority areas of science

Find out which specific areas of science we are interested in exploring with our academic partners.

Collaborate with us

Contact details for those interested in collaborating with us or looking for further information.

Trust in Science - Africa

Trust in Science is a research funding programme designed to build a sustainable, long-term scientific research base in Africa.

Trust in Science - Latin America

Trust in Science is a research funding initiative – launched in 2011 - designed to build a sustainable scientific research base in Latin America.


Find out about our funding incentives designed to accelerate research into bioelectric medicines.