Business development

Business development

Collaboration plays a major part in the success of GSK. This is exemplified in the relationships we’ve built, products we’ve launched and lives we’ve improved. We place great importance on partnering with other companies, institutions and organisations because we know that many great ideas come from outside our company.  

We also know that our alliance partners face unique challenges and opportunities. We work to understand these issues and design an approach to match. So if this is what you’re looking for in an alliance partner, we should talk.

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Vaccines collaborations

To help deliver new, cost-effective vaccines, we are interested in new vaccines R&D, therapeutic and prophylactic vaccines, adjuvants, and manufacturing technologies.

Consumer Healthcare collaborations

We are focused on scientific innovation and marketing excellence. Find out about our areas of interest and how we evaluate partnering opportunities.

Pharmaceuticals collaborations

To help deliver improved medicines for patients, we are interested in collaborations across all stages of pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical R&D, and commercialisation.