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Why work with us

Partnerships and collaborations with different organisations are fundamental to our strategic priorities of growing a diversified, global business and delivering more products of value.

Working with us has many advantages, including:

  • therapeutic focus- we have small, agile groups of scientists allowing for greater intimacy in terms of knowledge, resources and expertise
  • consumer leadership – our brand management expertise is driven by consumer-insights
  • global reach - we operate in 114 countries worldwide
  • business excellence –  we have the resources and expertise to enable successful approvals, launches and growth
  • partnering performance – our  dedicated teams in business development  manage the relationship from the signing of the deal through to delivery

GSK has successfully worked in a diverse range of partnerships and collaborations over the years, and we are always looking for new opportunities. Find out more about what we offer below.

Business development

We recognise that leading-edge science and technology lies both within and outside the company. We are interested in potential collaboration opportunities to deliver new products of value in the areas of pharmaceuticals, vaccines and consumer health. 

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Academic collaborations

We are keen to partner with scientists to facilitate the rapid discovery and development of new medicines for patients. Academic collaborations are complementary to our in-house efforts, and vary considerably in their size and nature.

Further information about our academic collaboration interests

Innovation and investment

SR One is our independent corporate healthcare venture capital fund. We invest globally in emerging biotech companies that are pursuing innovative science which will significantly impact medical care.

Scinovo is a unique scientific support business within our Pharmaceutical Research and Development organisation. It offers access to our wealth of drug discovery and development knowledge.

Index Ventures is a €150 million venture fund dedicated solely to the life sciences, primarily focused on Europe.  We have contributed approximately 25% of the fund which targets biotech companies working on just one or two projects.

Innovation and investment - find out more

Contract  manufacturing

Our contract manufacturing arm offers a fully integrated manufacturing service, from early stage research and development, to clinical supply, to launch and growth of small, medium and large volume products. Services include the development of biopharmaceutical products for clinical and commercial use plus a wide range of antibiotics and other pharmaceutical preparations.

Our manufacturing services - further information