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Careers in R&D

We make a significant investment in R&D each year - In 2013 our spend was £3.4 billion*. Our early stage drug discovery involves first identifying biological targets within the human body that are involved in the development of a disease. Then molecules or biopharmaceuticals must be created that can interact with these targets and modify the disease process.

This work is now done by small teams of scientists working together in one research centre, each focused on one particular disease pathway or mechanism. Known as Discovery Performance Units (DPUs), some will have as few as seven members but none will be larger than around 70. Many of these teams also have the opportunity to collaborate with the growing number of academic and commercial bodies with whom we have established partnerships and joint ventures.
This means that our scientists are working alongside some of the world’s most experienced specialists in their chosen field.  As a result they have plenty of opportunity to develop their own skills and understanding in their particular area of research.

If this sounds like an environment and a culture in which you might like to work, go to our main careers section and find out more about the opportunities that we could offer you.

* GSK Annual Report 2013 (PDF)