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American Society of Nephrology (ASN) Kidney Week 2021

We unite science, talent, and technology to get ahead of disease together.

We prevent and treat disease with vaccines, specialty, and general medicines. We focus on science of the immune system, human genetics, and advanced technologies investing in four core therapeutic areas and future opportunities to impact health at scale. We operate responsibly for all our stakeholders by prioritising Innovation, Performance, and Trust.

At this year’s virtual ASN Kidney Week, we are proud to share eight data presentations from across our growing pipeline and portfolio of Specialty medicines, underscoring our commitment to drive innovation for people with kidney disease.

Notably, we are pleased to share new data from the Phase 3 ASCEND programme evaluating an investigational medicine for the treatment of patients with anaemia due to chronic kidney disease, derived from Nobel Prize winning science.

[Targeting the HIF pathway] is modulating a natural system that operates within the body to maintain your blood haemoglobin at a proper level, and which fails in kidney disease. So it is an attempt to intervene in the natural system.

Solving the mystery

How the body adapts to different levels of oxygen led to Nobel Prize winning science related to anaemia.

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Learn about the HIF pathway for the treatment of anaemia due to chronic kidney disease.

For US media only

A resource developed for media addressing the topic of lupus nephritis and the current disconnects in understanding in both patients and HCPs.

Lupus: Make the Link

Hear from Janet van Adelsberg, our VP R&D Pipeline, talk about kidney disease.