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Marzo, scientist, R & D looking into microscope

Does lupus really know no boundaries?

There are no boundaries when it comes to the impact of lupus; it can affect any part of the body in any way at any time, often with unpredictable and life-changing results.

However, insights from our global survey of more than 16,000 people reveal that while there have been advances in the diagnosis and management of lupus from a scientific perspective, public awareness remains low and there are various stigmas associated with the disease, which could contribute to the feelings of loneliness and isolation that are often experienced by those living with lupus.

Scientist handling test tubes in a lab

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To understand lupus better we recently explored lupus management in a global survey of more than 500 specialist lupus doctors (mainly rheumatologists) and patients.

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Living with lupus – the patient perspective

Imagine having to plan each day according to units of your energy – making a choice between washing your hair and washing the dishes, as you haven’t got enough energy to do both. This is just one of the daily challenges that living with Lupus can bring. Here, Beth tells us her story about living with this chronic condition.

Lupus infographic

Download ‘How much do you really know about Lupus?’ infographic