Child on a hospital bed under a mosquito net

Joining forces to fight malaria

We’ve been fighting against malaria for the past 100 years and now we’ve joined forces with Comic Relief.

Malaria claims more than 400,000 lives every year – most of them young children in Africa.

Animation showing malaria key facts

Our 30-year quest to develop a malaria vaccine

That’s why at GSK we’re fighting malaria on all fronts. Now, after 30 years in development, our malaria vaccine candidate – a world first – is now being assessed for use by the World Health Organisation.  If approved, we've committed to make it available at a not for profit price.

Comic Relief Partnership

We’re also partnering with Comic Relief to help fight malaria on the ground in some of the worst affected countries.

We've opened our labs to external researchers to help find the next generation of malaria treatments.

  • 90% by 2030

    All of this aims to support global efforts to cut malaria cases and deaths by 90% by 2030.