Alberto, Commercial Management, Italy

Alberto posing in front of the GSK logo

Commercial Management

I can distinctly remember the time during medical school, in Italy, when I realised clinical practice wasn’t going to fulfil my ambition.

I’ve always had a deep patient focus and following strict guidelines to treat one individual at a time is a very privileged and rewarding position. But I wanted to do more; to be someone who could provide these interventions on a much larger scale.

Having recently joined the GSK Future Leaders Programme (FLP), I’ve already started to fulfil this ambition – and more! 

The commercial management (pharmaceuticals) FLP is giving me experience of various medical and commercial departments over three years. Working with talented colleagues from different academic/professional backgrounds and cultures is a valuable foundation for becoming a business leader in the future. It’s helping me to understand the big picture of a leading healthcare business and how to bring diverse people together to achieve ambitious business goals.

I wanted to do more; to be someone who could provide medical interventions on a much larger scale.

As a Medical Doctor at GSK, I have a great responsibility to help all my colleagues to fulfil their commitment to patients. I’m involved in medical information (where we provide scientific knowledge to address doctors’ and patients’ needs), pharmacovigilance (where we collect and monitor effects of our products after commercialisation), clinical research (to discover new medicines and data to improve patients’ treatment) and practical support programmes to patients - providing nurse assistance, clinical counselling and other support aimed to achieve better diseases outcomes.

Personally, I’m fascinated by the role of technology to help solve healthcare challenges, so I feel really fortunate to be working on some really exciting tech-related projects. For example, I’m soon due to speak at a congress on behalf of my manager, all about the applications of artificial intelligence for pharmaceutical companies.

I’ve also recently been involved in creating a smartphone app that helps patients better manage their treatment, by notifying them when they need to take their medicines, with the correct dosages etc. This is just one example of the many patient support programmes we run at GSK to help patients live better, healthier lives. As a medic, this is really important to me.

Every day I’m amazed by the incredible experience and knowledge of the talented people in this company. From joining in meetings with senior colleagues and external experts, to working closely with clinical researchers and other doctors – I’m learning new skills all the time.

The FLP is giving me amazing support to build the foundations of my career. I have dedicated mentors who support my development; they’re so approachable and willing to help you learn. I choose training courses to attend based on my own interests, rotate around different areas of the business and have great opportunities for international exposure. This space to develop your learning and access to the business is what makes the FLP such a strong start to your career.

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