Dominique, Human Resources, US




I'm Dominique and I'm a US sales incentive associate on the HR Future Leaders programme. I graduated from Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey, and I majored in HR and minored in sociology. I found this programme through my school. I went to the career fair and then did a lot of research. I knew I liked HR but I just wasn't sure where I wanted to go, so I thought a rotational programme would allow me to move around very quickly and get an idea of what I wanted to do, what I didn't like, and then move forward. It's a great programme if you're a person who likes to take the initiative, has high learning agility and knows what they want. I think it really allows you to grow. If you want to be challenged, this programme is for you.

Learning to be a Future Leader

I'm currently doing two separate roles; one in sales incentives and one in global recruitment marketing. The recruitment role involves meeting with a range of stakeholders to discuss how to develop our employer brand. Right now, I'm working on a website that’s designed to recruit veterans. I've been working with our external partners to create that and some e-brochures.

In the sales incentive role I'm working on rebranding an app called Performance Zone which field sales reps use to see how they're getting paid. At the moment it's not very intuitive or iPad-friendly so I'm working with another partner to redesign it and maybe create a chatbot for it, to make it easier to use.

One of the most exciting things I’ve done was a hack-a-thon which was organised by our global graduate network, Talnet. We had to come up with a solution to make the onboarding process better, because right now it's very inconsistent. I worked with a team that included colleagues in China and Malaysia and my US cohort; my team presented our idea and we won! We also won Most Creative Presentation. Now I’m on an onboarding group with about eight other people looking at how we transform our onboarding experience and digitalise it globally.

Working remotely with colleagues in other countries was eye-opening and the different time zones were a huge challenge, but I wanted that cross-cultural experience. It’s not often you get the chance to work with people in those countries on that kind of project, so I said, "I'm going to take this opportunity.”

Why here?

I'm a very values-focused person, so I wanted a company where I could go home at the end of the day knowing I’d made an impact, not just through work, but also within the broader community of consumers and patients. That was really, really important to me. It makes me proud that when I see our advertisements and the GSK heartbeat because I know that even though I’m not directly making medicines, I'm making an impact in some way. The most that you can ask of a company is that you can make an impact and that you feel valued. I definitely feel that way at GSK and I think my love for this company has grown stronger since I started.

It makes me proud when I see our advertisements, because I know that even though I’m not directly making medicines, I'm making an impact in some way.

People are so open and willing to talk here. Coming in as a new employee, straight from college, it can be difficult to talk to senior leaders. At GSK, I just reached out to some vice presidents and said, "Hi, I'm new, I'm trying to learn the business and would love to learn more about you and your role." People were really receptive, super nice, super willing to help, and ready to support me in any way they could.

Even through I’m only a year and a half into the programme, I've learned and grown so much. The programme really gives you a lot of stretch and a lot of breadth and depth as well. You’re able to tackle projects, meet a lot of different people, experience a lot of different environments, have different managers and work with different colleagues. I think one of the exciting parts about being here is that not every team is the same, not every project is the same. Leaving an impact, that's what's really important.

Looking ahead…

In the future, I want to make a difference, I really do. Whether that's a small difference or whether that's something that impacts the entire GSK community, I don’t know – I just want to leave here knowing that I impacted someone's life in some way. I like working in HR for the time being, but we'll see what happens in the future.