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GSK 2021 Oncology Medical Congress

Our approach is #InspiredByCuriosity

At ESMO, we are proud to share 13 data presentations, showcasing our ongoing efforts to research and develop potentially transformational medicines for patients with cancer. We are recognised for pioneering science, exploring new frontiers of research and forging new paths in healthcare. Underlying our ability to achieve the innovation that leads to transformational medicines is a single, remarkable quality: curiosity.

Inspired by our individual and collective curiosity, we are unafraid to ask complicated, catalysing, propelling questions and pursue the answers with flexibility, openness and zeal.

We believe learning is an ongoing process, and that answers often inspire more questions, all of which are the paving stones for new paths forward. 

Learn more about our transformational science

Learn more about how our team is #InspiredbyCuriosity

Driving Advances in Oncology Cell Therapy

Exciting area of science: A researcher, medical oncologist and sarcoma survivor discuss an important area of oncology research, cell therapy

Driving Innovation in Blood Cancers

The latest advances in blood cancer: Hear more about how the treatment landscape in multiple myeloma has considerably evolved

Advancing the next wave of immuno-oncology

Cancer is complex. Learn more about how we are driving research into a diverse portfolio of novel immuno-oncology therapies and combinations that may have the potential to change cancer as we know it.

Check out our infographics to learn more about our focus on the CD226 axis as well as our work across therapeutic areas, including multiple myeloma, ovarian cancer and endometrial cancer

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