Our approach

Discovering and developing new medicines and vaccines is tough. It requires huge investment, takes a long time and there’s a high rate of failure – especially when, in our quest for a breakthrough, we attempt things never tried before.

randd with test tubes

Even in Consumer Healthcare, where development timelines are generally shorter than for prescription medicines, the regulatory requirements for testing, approval, manufacturing, labelling and marketing of our over-the-counter products are rigorous.

However, regardless of the difficulties, we are committed to transform the lives of millions of people through science and innovation. We adopt an ‘Open innovation strategy’ which promote sharing expertise, resources, intellectual property and know-how with external researchers and the scientific community. At the same time, we ‘Share our clinical research’ results that evaluates our medicines and vaccines, irrespective of whether the outcomes are perceived to be positive or negative.

As we’re to continue to discover new medicines, vaccines and consumer healthcare products, and get them to the people who need them as quickly as possible, it’s vital that we continually challenge the way we go about things in our labs.

Our scientists work in smaller units focused on specific areas of research, seeking out the biological targets involved in disease and creating new molecules and antigens that could ultimately become a new medicine or vaccine.

Beyond working within GSK, we know that we won’t discover everything inside our own labs and that we need to adopt ‘Collaborative approach’ to partner with more than a thousand of other companies, academic institutions and research charities to work together to explore new drugs and accelerate drug development.