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Respiratory independent medical education

Support for severe asthma independent medical education

Independent Medical Education (IME) projects eligible for GSK support via this application process include educational activities in severe asthma in which GSK has marketed products.

For funding requests targeting a single country, local GSK offices should be contacted.

For US-based organisations requesting grant funding to support IME activities for US-based healthcare professionals, different guidelines apply and this process is not applicable. Please visit for details.

The target recipients of the IME supported by this program should come from a broad international audience.

Recipient programs will develop the knowledge and practice of healthcare professionals in order that they can make the most appropriate treatment decisions for their patients.

GSK-funded IME activities are supported through funding at arm's-length by GSK. This means free from GSK influence on content development and faculty, participant and logistic selection. IME programs developed in this independent way provide a balanced perspective on the subject matter, putting the patient first.  Organisations will be assessed according to defined criteria (below).

Travel Grants: Funding to support the travel and accommodation of attendees to scientific meetings should not be requested through this request process.

Areas of interest for Independent Medical Education

GSK has identified areas of interest where we and others have seen gaps in medical education related to severe asthma where GSK has marketed products.

These are shared to enable organisations that have the skills, capability and credentials to deliver high-quality medical education to submit requests for funding from GSK to support such a programme.

Criteria for Independent Medical Education

GSK will evaluate requests for funding based on essential criteria which include:

  • Assessment of the typeoforganisation requesting funding (Academic institution that trains healthcare professionals/ medical education charity that educates healthcare professionals/ patient group/ professional medical or scientific association or society/ healthcare service provider that employs healthcare professionals/Medical education company that is an accredited independent provider)
    • Eligible independent medical education providers, or the independent medical education function of the provider, must be independent from industry influence and must not provide non-independent services to commercial industry. Independent medical education providers that provide both marketing and independent education services will need to demonstrate how their independent education services are free from commercial interest in their application.
  • Absence of Conflicts of Interest in delivering medical education and in receiving funding from GSK
  • Ability to measure Medical Education Desired Results (see Moore DE, et al. J Contin Educ Health Prof. 2009;29:1-15.  Achieving Desired Results and Improved Outcomes: Integrating Planning and Assessment Throughout Learning Activities)
  • Agreement from the recipient programme to be subject to potential independent audit to review quality of education delivered and use of funds provided.

Providers need to be able to design and deliver high quality multidisciplinary education initiatives. Collaboration amongst providers to capitalise on each other’s areas of expertise is encouraged. Proposed initiatives must aim to improve patient health and strive to objectively measure a change in healthcare professional performance.

Other local requirements and legislation related to medical education will also be considered.

Contact for Independent Medical Education

Should your organisation wish to seek funding in this area of interest, please contact us using our dedicated mailbox for requests ( Details of the process for submissions will be provided following initial contact.

Timelines for Independent Medical Education Grant Requests

Submission Deadline: October 31, 2016

Areas of Interest for Independent Medical Education

GSK seeks to support Independent Medical Education in Severe Asthma designed to enhance capabilities of healthcare provider’s ability to identify those patients with severe asthma who should be considered for biological therapy and to improve knowledge and awareness of:

  • Airway inflammation and immunology, the pathogenesis of severe asthma and emerging targeted medicines for the treatment of severe asthma
  • The complexity and unmet needs of the severe asthma patient population
  • Asthma phenotypes and biomarkers that may be useful in assessing asthma phenotypes and response to treatment