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How our R&D approach helps us get
Ahead Together

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There’s never been a time when science and technology have formed such a powerful union as they do now. We’re able to identify drug discovery targets using genomics and AI/ML in a way that is unprecedented. We’re also able to use more approaches than ever before to design new vaccines and medicines to address the root cause of disease.

Tony Wood
Tony Wood

Chief Scientific Officer

We’re combining the power of genetic and genomic insights into what causes disease, with the speed and scale of artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) to make better predictions about who a treatment might work for, and why.

We believe this powerful combination of data and technology holds the key to fundamentally transforming medical discovery for the better, improving R&D success rates and shaping how even the most challenging diseases, like neurological conditions and cancer, can be both prevented and treated.

  • Our R&D investment in 2021

  • An outstanding R&D team of


Ahead of Disease Together

Innovation is at the heart of achieving our purpose: to unite science, technology and talent to get ahead of disease together.​

  • Partnerships that matter
  • We believe the bigger the challenge the bigger the need for collaboration.

    Strategic partnerships are critical to opening up new avenues of discovery and advancing the development of new potential vaccines and medicines. That’s why we’re constantly engaging in new and exciting collaborations to advance our understanding of what it takes to stay ahead of disease together.

    In the past three years, we’ve doubled the number of partnerships we’ve signed and in 2021 alone we announced more than 20 partnerships and collaborations. These include:

    • A five-year collaboration with the University of Oxford which will focus on neurodegenerative diseases.
    • A new partnership with King’s College London to understand why some patients respond to cancer treatment.
    • A collaboration with consumer genetics and research company 23andMe which has yielded more than 40 novel research programmes, one of which is now in phase I for the treatment of cancer.

    Partnering with GSK

    Supported studies

  • How we apply technologies
  • We are at the forefront of health-related advances in science and technology, working to create innovative solutions to a range of healthcare challenges.

    Advanced technology platforms such as AI, machine learning and functional genomics are central to our R&D approach. At the same time, diverse vaccine platform technologies including the use of adjuvants and mRNA technology have the potential to drive the next generation of vaccines and medicines. 

    Our technologies

  • Our R&D Locations
  • Our leading R&D centres in the UK, US, Belgium and Italy are pivotal in helping us to get ahead of disease around the world.

    Our London AI hub is using biomedical information, AI/ML and computing platforms to unlock new insights from our genetic and clinical data. 

    We have 15,000+ employees working across our R&D organisation.

    Our R&D locations

    Innovation in the US

Scientist working with samples

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We created the Laboratory for Genomics Research with UCSF and UC Berkeley to advance genomic research and improve drug discovery. ​

09 January 2023
San Francisco


2023 JP Morgan Healthcare Conference

Learn more here

GSK will be at the 41st J.P. Morgan Health care conference in San Francisco.

Date: 9-12 January 2023


Innovating Together

Meet Nancy: igniting change & innovation for patients living with Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV)

23 September 2022

Our pipeline

As a global biopharma leader, we invest heavily in our industry-leading pipeline of potential vaccines and specialty medicines that help us to get ahead of disease together.

potential vaccines and medicines
of these assets modulate the immune system
Phase III
the number of assets in phase III clinical development during the last 5 years

Therapeutic areas

​The four areas of human health we focus on to get ahead of disease are: infectious diseases, HIV, oncology and immunology. We remain open to opportunities outside these core areas where the science aligns with our strategic approach.

Innovation events and conferences

Hear from industry experts, explore the latest breakthroughs and network with us. 

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