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Agreement to acquire TESARO

On 3 December 2018 we announced our agreement to acquire TESARO, an oncology-focused company based in the US for approximately $5.1bn.

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Transformative potential from PARPs

Our strong belief is that PARP inhibitors are important medicines that have been under appreciated in terms of the impact they can have on cancer patients. PARP inhibitors have transformed the treatment of ovarian cancer and offer significant opportunities for use in the treatment of multiple cancer types.

Potential to help 2-3x as many patients infographic
  • PARP inhibitors may slow the return or progress of cancer by preventing cancer cells from repairing damaged DNA in cells
  • PARP inhibitors have transformed the treatment of ovarian cancer, particularly those with genetic mutations such as BRCA
  • PARPs are currently used in second line maintenance therapy in ovarian cancer and show potential to help 2-3 times as many patients in a first line maintenance setting
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