Creating a win for disease prevention

From April 2016, our global disease awareness campaign Win for Meningitis will see Paralympians from around the world taking part in a photo shoot with renowned photographer Anne Geddes.

Anne is an advocate of child health and known for her photographs capturing the beauty and dignity of childhood meningococcal disease survivors. 

Developing this theme for Win for Meningitis, Anne will create a new visual story. Her photographs will contrast the inspiring strength of Paralympian survivors of meningococcal disease, such as Jamie Schanbaum* above,  with the vulnerability of newborn babies, encouraging parents to help protect the new generation against meningococcal disease.  

Throughout the campaign, GSK is working with the Confederation of Meningitis Organisations (CoMO). Members of their global network of advocates for meningococcal disease prevention are contributing to the coordinated worldwide effort to raise awareness on World Meningitis Day on April 24th.

Creating a world free from meningococcal disease is a huge goal and will require the help of many supporters.  Our campaign is the bell sounding for the next lap in the race to deliver a ‘win for meningitis’ prevention.


*Jamie Schanbaum is sponsored as a spokesperson for GSK.

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