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Q3 2014 results: 22 October 2014

Dividend calendar

Dividend timetable for Q4 2013  
Announcement date Wednesday 5 February
Ex-dividend date Wednesday 19 February
Record date Friday 21 February
Last date for DRIP elections Thursday 20 March
Payable Thursday 10 April
Dividend timetable for Q1 2014  
Announcement date Wednesday 30 April
Ex-dividend date Wednesday 14 May
Record date Friday 16 May
Last date for DRIP elections Thursday 19 June
Payable Thursday 10 July
Dividend timetable for Q2 2014  
Announcement date Wednesday 23 July
Ex-dividend date Wednesday 6 August
Record date Friday 8 August
Last date for DRIP elections Thursday 11 September
Payable Thursday 2 October
Dividend timetable for Q3 2014  
Announcement date Wednesday 22 October
Ex-dividend date Thursday 6 November
Record date Friday 7 November
Last date for DRIP elections Monday 15 December
Payable Thursday 8 January 2015
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