Immunology Catalyst postdoctoral training programme

GSK has launched a novel research collaboration model – the Immunology Catalyst – designed to drive major breakthroughs in applied immunology and broaden scientific insight.

What is the Immunology Catalyst?

We have selected leading academic immunologists to join us at our world class R&D facility in Stevenage, UK, where they will work alongside GSK’s scientists while pursuing their own independent research programmes focused on basic immunology questions. They will have access to GSK’s technologies and research tools and, by connecting with our scientists, have the opportunity to expand their knowledge of drug discovery and translational research. Paul-Peter Tak, SVP immunoinflammation therapy area, GSK, is the programme sponsor. The Immunology Catalyst members are also supported by a network of leading immunologists at GSK and an external immunology board of world class immunologists including Professors Vijay Kuchroo, Jerry Nepom, Frank Nestle, Luke O’Neill, Fiona Powrie, Maria-Grazia Roncarolo, Pam Sharma, Hergen Spits.

What will the programme be like & what will I learn?

As a postdoctoral fellow in the Immunology Catalyst, you will have a world class academic immunologist as a mentor who will be focused on providing a comprehensive training programme and is expected to nurture skills that will enable you to become an independent scientific investigator. You will have the opportunity to author publications in high-impact scientific journals while rounding out your training with a deeper understanding of translation of drug discovery & development to medicines of value for patients.

At the start of your post-doc, you’ll work with your supervisor to design a programme of research with mutually agreed timelines, milestones, objectives, accountability, and duration (up to 3 years). During your time you will have access to the expertise of GSK’s Immunology Network including the other academic immunologists on sabbatical, leading GSK immunologists and the external immunology board in addition to your direct supervisor. You will also have access to the extensive R&D engine including our: tools, technologies, libraries, samples, people, knowledge base, R&D events, and post-doc community events.

You will have unrivalled experience of both academic and industry settings, exposure to industry leading research, high levels of innovation, and creativity, and also develop the ability to work in an international scientific environment. This training will prepare you well for a career in academia, industry, a regulatory or non-profit healthcare organisation.

Do I have the skills?

We‘re looking for exceptional PhD scientists with a background in Immunology or a related field. Proven scientific and theoretical capability, together with high levels of innovation, creativity, and the ability to solve complex problems are required.

  • An enthusiasm for demonstrating the following GSK expectations:
  • Set direction & inspire: Ensuring your work supports your team’s goals and the organisational priorities and applying sound judgement in all that you do
  • Work across boundaries: Building trusting relationships within and beyond your team to achieve goals  
  • Release energy: Engaging constructively with others and demonstrating a positive mindset
  • Develop capabilities: Equipping yourself with the skills and knowledge to do great work, now and in the future, and supporting others to do the same
  • Drive performance: Holding yourself and others accountable for delivering quality results
  • Live our values; Acting as a role model, ensuring everything you do is in line with our values, serving patients and consumers

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