Collaborating on clinical trials and research

We work with healthcare professionals to develop new medicines and vaccines. These relationships help us understand both patient needs and the benefit and risks of our products.

Healthcare professionals (HCPs) help us identify potential volunteers for clinical trials, administer the investigational medicine or vaccine to patients, and monitor the results. This unique medical insight and knowledge is vital to the development of new treatments.

At the core of these relationships is a shared concern for improving the health of patients, based on our values of transparency, respect, integrity and patient focus.

All HCPs who work with us on clinical trials have contracts and are paid for their work on these clinical trials. This payment covers their time, plus the cost of investigations they may need to carry out regarding the suitability of a patient and the effectiveness of the treatment.

Our policies

We have strict policies governing all our work with HCPs. These state that: 

  • all clinical trial investigators are selected solely on their qualifications to conduct good quality clinical research
  • their history of using or not using GSK products must not be taken into account when deciding whether to include them as clinical trial investigators
  • no payments are offered or made to influence their judgement on whether to enrol or maintain a patient in a clinical study
  • gifts are not permissible to healthcare professionals involved in research projects for GSK
  • all payments to HCPs must be governed by contracts
  • any payment must reflect fair market value for the work performed and the services provided.

We also have a commitment to publically disclose the research payments that are made to healthcare professionals and to their institutions for conducting clinical research.

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Independent research

We are open to applications from independent researches wanting to carry out scientifically valid studies into our products or areas of interest.

Patient level data

Find out about the online system for researchers to request access to anonymised patient-level data sitting behind the results of clinical trials

Clinical study register

Our clinical study register website provides access to data from all GSK sponsored clinical trials