Media contact details

Media contact details for the UK, USA and Asia are listed below. For other specific and regional contacts please visit our Contact us page.

The GSK media relations team only responds to calls and emails from professional journalists. If you have a general or product-specific enquiry, refer to the contact details supplied on our Customers/patients page.

USA - Media relations

Sarah Spencer (Head, US External Communications) +1 215-751-3335
Jenni Ligday (Corporate and Financial/ US Public Policy and Payer Relations) +1 202 715 1049
Mary Anne Rhyne (R&D Pipeline/Business Development) +1 919 483 0492
Karen Hagens (Respiratory, Cardiovascular, Metabolic, Urology) +1 919 483 2863
Gwynne Oosterbaan (Vaccines and Global Health) +1 215 751 7468
Joanmarie Goddard (Consumer Healthcare) +1 973 647 2177

For further media contact details in the USA, visit the media contact page on the US website.