Malaria takes a devastating toll on communities and economies across Africa. The battle against the disease must be fought on all fronts using a wide range of interventions, including insecticide-treated bed nets, indoor residual spraying, effective medicines and treatments, and eventually, vaccines.

GSK has been involved in the fight against malaria for decades. We believe that a comprehensive approach to malaria is required to scale-up use of all well established control tools, while continuing to invest in the development and use of innovative tools. We have an active malaria research and development (R&D) programme and work hand-in-hand with organisations at the local, regional
and international levels to ensure that our products complement existing malaria interventions.

The 30-year quest for a malaria vaccine

Dr Joe Cohen recalls his experiences of being part of the team that has worked for almost three decades to develop what could be the world’s first vaccine against malaria

No 'silver bullet' to tackle Malaria

Malaria still claims over 550,000 lives every year, mostly those of young children in Africa. GSK’s Dr Sophie Biernaux, talks about our commitment to fighting this deadly disease.

The fight against malaria

We are determined to help defeat malaria. Find out about our three-pronged attack against the disease, including vaccine research and development.