We know that many of the best ideas can come from outside of GSK, and collaborating with other companies, organisations and academics is a fundamental part of our business strategy. We are therefore committed to working with partners to deliver innovative new medicines, vaccines and consumer healthcare products. In this section you can find out how we work with our alliance partners, what we're looking for, and how to get in touch.

Why work with us

Information on what we can offer you as an alliance partner, from business development and contract services, to academic collaborations and investment.

Business development

We know that our alliance partners face unique challenges and opportunities. We work to understand these issues and design an approach to match.

Innovation and investment

Find out how we ensure we have a steady supply of great ideas and innovative science from both inside and outside the company.

Open innovation

Find out how we work with partners in R&D and share our expertise, intellectual property and facilities to discover new medicines.

Academic collaborations

Find out how we work with academic institutions and who to contact if you are interested in working with us.