Our approach to partnering

We see partnerships and collaborations with academia, business, charities and individuals as a fundamental part of building a successful, diversified, global healthcare business. Working with outside organisations helps us advance our scientific research and develop products that can address the health needs of people around the world.

We are already involved in a wide range of collaborations with external partners in many different countries, but we are always keen to hear from you if you are interested in:

A business partnership - to collaborate on the development of new pharmaceutical, vaccine or consumer healthcare products.

An academic partnership - to discover and develop new medicines, we regularly work with universities and external research teams to tackle key health issues facing people around the world.

A venture fund – if you are an entrepreneur or a start-up and would like help to develop your ideas.

Neglected Tropical Diseases –  to collaborate on targeting diseases of the developing world, we work with governments, charities, businesses and academic institutions and share our open approach to intellectual property in an area where commercial returns are limited.

Bioelectronics R&D - to develop medicines that speak the electrical language of the body we are partnering with external scientists across a range of disciplines including disease biology, electrophysiology, neural engineering, bioinformatics and more.

We have a core list of interests, however if you are not working in an area on which we currently have a particular focus, it may still be worth contacting us as we are always keen to broaden our knowledge.