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Annual General Meeting

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GlaxoSmithKline plc (‘GSK’) holds an Annual General Meeting in London each year during May. All the directors able to attend are available formally during the meeting, and informally beforehand, for questions.

Voting on all resolutions put to the Annual General Meeting is done by way of a poll rather than by a show of hands.

Participating in the 2021 Annual General Meeting

GSK’s Annual General Meeting (‘AGM’) is to be held at 2.30pm on Wednesday 5 May 2021 at the company’s registered office at 980 Great West Road, Brentford, Middlesex, TW8 9GS. The AGM will be broadcast live and all shareholders are invited to join electronically.

The Notice of Annual General Meeting 2021 (the ‘2021 AGM Notice’) gives details on the resolutions put to the AGM, together with explanatory notes.

We have given careful consideration to the arrangements for this year’s AGM in light of the ongoing COVID-19 situation. The UK Government has announced its roadmap for easing lockdown restrictions, but this will not unfortunately allow for indoor public gatherings at the time of the AGM. Although we will be unable to allow shareholders to physically attend the AGM, our priority is to seek to provide electronic access to the meeting for as many shareholders as possible.

For this year, we are maximising the use of existing technology to offer shareholders a range of ways to participate in the AGM. Shareholders will be able to participate electronically to ask questions and vote during the meeting, as they would if we were able to meet together in person. The most accessible way to participate in the AGM is via the Lumi AGM website as this will enable shareholders to:

  • watch and listen to the meeting;
  • ask questions of the Board in writing; and
  • submit votes,

through the same platform.

The Lumi AGM website can be accessed at:

Shareholders will need their SRN and PIN to join the meeting which can be found on their Proxy Form, Form of Direction or voting email from Equiniti.

Full details on how to participate in this year’s AGM, ask questions and vote before and during the meeting can be found on pages 21 to 24 of the 2021 AGM Notice and in our AGM Guide.

Any shareholders with questions on how to access the AGM should contact our registrar, Equiniti, who will be pleased to talk through the joining options. Their contact details can be found on page 25 of the 2021 AGM Notice.


In advance of the AGM

Shareholders are encouraged to vote on the AGM resolutions. This can be done in advance of the meeting by completing a Proxy From or submitting proxy instructions electronically. Proxy instructions must be received by Equiniti by 2.30pm on Friday 30 April 2021.

Participants in the GSK Corporate Sponsored Nominee Service can exercise their voting rights through Equiniti by completing a Form of Direction or submitting voting instructions electronically. Instructions must be received by Equiniti by 5.00pm on Wednesday 28 April 2021.

Any holder of the Company’s shares through a nominee service should contact their nominee service provider regarding the process for appointing a proxy to vote on their behalf. The deadline for this will be before Friday 30 April 2021.  

Further details on the appointment of proxies can be found on pages 18 to 20 of the 2021 AGM Notice.

During the meeting

Shareholders can vote at the AGM electronically by participating in the meeting through the Lumi AGM website.

See details above about how to join via the Lumi AGM website.


Shareholders may submit typed questions in advance of the AGM via the Lumi AGM website until 8.00am on Tuesday 4 May 2021. These questions will not be answered ahead of the AGM but will be collated to be answered during the Q&A part of the AGM. Please note that advance questions submitted via the Lumi AGM website should only relate to the business of the meeting. Any questions concerning meeting logistics or your own shareholding etc. should be directed to Equiniti whose contact details are given on page 25 of the 2021 AGM Notice.

Shareholders will be able to submit questions during the meeting in one of three ways: via the Lumi AGM website, by telephone, or by Zoom. Details on how to participate in the meeting via these means is provided on pages 21 to 24 of the 2021 AGM Notice and in the AGM Guide.

Total Voting Rights

In accordance with section 311A of the Companies Act 2006, GSK confirms that as at 29 March 2021, its issued share capital (excluding Treasury shares) consisted of 5,031,388,440 ordinary shares of 25 pence each, carrying one vote each. Therefore, the total voting rights that members were entitled to exercise at the AGM in respect of these shares is 5,031,388,440.

Previous AGMs

Information about our previous Annual General Meetings is available from the AGM archive tab above.

Information on requisitioning a resolution for the AGM

Download details on how to requisition a resolution for GSK’s Annual General MeetingPDF - 616.9KB

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