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Our ambition is to positively impact the health of 2.5 billion people by the end of the decade. We have dedicated global teams that research, develop, and manufacture innovative medicines and vaccines. By harnessing our science and technology, we have an opportunity to not only prevent disease in the first place, abut also change the course of a disease – helping to prevent or slow down the progression of an illness and limit long-term complications.

At GSK, we believe that execution is key to delivering the pipeline and achieving our ambitions in four therapeutic areas: infectious diseases, HIV, respiratory/immunology, and oncology. As a global enterprise, we have a thriving team of scientists across development, manufacturing and clinical supply chain for our large, small molecule, cell and gene therapy medicines.

We are building a state-of-the-art, modality agnostic CMC organisation that develops the tools and processes needed to make medicines a reality, moving swiftly from idea to impact while bringing together a diversity of people and disciplines. Together with our therapy area partners, GSK’s CMC organisation is developing, and manufacturing novel medicines to benefit patients around the globe.

Our culture supporting your future 

We can offer you a collaborative learning environment and the opportunity to develop your career and gain experience across drug discovery. If you share our priorities of innovation, performance and trust and are motivated to contribute towards bringing lifesaving drugs to patients, then we'd love to hear from you. We offer you the opportunity to:

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  • Play an important role in delivering our mission
  • Be an essential part of a diverse, global team
  • Work in an environment where you can realise your full potential
  • Achieve your career ambitions
  • Be proud of the difference you can make for patients world-wide
  • Be well rewarded in terms of professional development, pay and benefits

Find a career with purpose 

Our Discovery teams work on discovering new medicines using state-of-the-art antibody discovery platforms and technologies such as automation and in-silico design, working closely with external and internal partners.

Our team is based in Stevenage, our well-established UK R&D hub. We share the site with over 2000 GSK colleagues from diverse areas of research including specialists from disease areas and other platforms (chemistry, cell, and gene therapy), as well as several Biotech companies.

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Our Development teams are responsible for delivering all chemistry, manufacturing and controls (CMC) elements of pharmaceutical development, bringing together multiple disciplines under one umbrella and enabling GSK to move faster and deliver more than ever before.

Our Drug Substance Development, Drug Product Development and Analytical Sciences teams are based across multiple sites in the UK including Stevenage and Ware as well as in the US, with two sites in Pennsylvania, Upper Merion and Upper Providence. Partial co-location with our clinical pilot plants and the commercial manufacturing new product launch (NPI) launch sites enable seamless technology transfer to the manufacturing facilities and provides exciting development opportunities for our scientists.

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The Strategic External Development (SED) enterprise is a vertically integrated, empowered, innovative and agile CMC development organisation that harnesses exceptional relationships with trusted global partners to deliver an increased number of transformative medicines to patients.

This rapidly expanding team has bifocal end-to-end responsibility in small and large molecules and merges expertise from internal and external sources to accelerate the development and commercialisation of critical therapies.

The SED enterprise is primarily based in Waltham, Massachusetts but is expanding its footprint in the Pennsylvania GSK sites in the US, Stevenage, UK and Jurong, Singapore. This evolving global footprint will enable enhanced sustainability as we access a network of preferred suppliers.

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Our Clinical Supply Chain (CSC) Team is responsible for the supply of all medicines and vaccines into our clinical trials worldwide. The group comprises of a network of Pilot Plants where new medicines are manufactured; Packaging & Labelling facilities and Advanced Logistics; along with Supply Chain Management, Randomisation Technology (IRT) and Comparator sourcing as key capabilities; complemented by Digital, Data & Analytics (DDA) teams to ensure efficient and effective delivery into clinical trials. The team is also accountable for externalised Packaging, Labelling, Distribution and IRT management activities.

The group’s mission is two-fold:

  1. Ensuring the right medicine is available for the right patient at the right time, while maintaining the highest level of quality and patient safety.
  2. Supporting the development of innovative new medicines and processes in our manufacturing facilities, working in partnership with the CMC Development organisation.

GSK has Pilot Plant manufacturing sites in Upper Providence and Upper Merion, PA as well as in Ware, UK, Parma, Italy and Jurong, Singapore. These pilot plants make clinical drug substance and drug product for innovative large molecule, small molecule and cell and gene therapy medicines. The Packaging and Labelling and logistics sites are based in Harlow, UK and Zebulon NC with the Supply Chain Management, IRT, Comparator and DDA teams principally based at the PA sites, Zebulon NC, Wavre & Rixensart in Belgium; and Ware & Stevenage UK.

In CSC we have opportunities for scientists, engineers, technologists, logisticians, and supply chain specialists, Interactive Response Technology (IRT) leads and digital & data science professionals.


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