Charitable Investments

At GSK, we partner with like-minded charities and community organisations to support programmes that have local, national and international impact.

STEM Mentoring - Mentee and Mentor

Charitable investments

We focus our charitable investments with organisations that are closely aligned to our purpose - to unite our science, talent and technology to get ahead of disease together. We support programmes across three key areas.

Health for people
We use our community investments to strengthen health and wellbeing systems across the world to improve the health of vulnerable and marginalised people.

Innovators for the future
We support equitable education in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) and invest to improve educational and career outcomes for those who are under-represented in these specialist areas.

Health for the planet
We are looking at new partnerships to improve water quality, reduce carbon emissions and protect and restore nature.

Our UK charitable investments 

GSK UK STEM Equity Mentoring programme 

Our UK STEM equity programme aims to help reduce the significant barriers to entry faced by women and young girls, people from lower socio-economic backgrounds and Black communities (under-represented groups), which limit STEM career (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) opportunities and contribute to the lack of diversity in STEM sectors.

A report commissioned by STEM Learning (PDF - 469KB) using data from the Office for National Statistics found significant differences in engagement with and attainment in STEM GCSEs and A-Levels across gender, ethnicity and socio-economic background[1]. This ‘STEM equity gap’ widens as young people progress into the workforce.

To address this issue, we are investing (PDF - 161KB) £6m over a 10-year STEM equity programme. This initiative is specifically designed to inspire and support the next generation of scientists, technologists, engineers and mathematicians from under-represented groups in the UK.

One highly effective approach we are taking is providing mentoring opportunities for young people aged 11-25 from under-represented groups. Through one-to-one relationships with mentors working in STEM, these individuals will receive valuable tools, guidance and support for their personal and professional development through their STEM education. We fund high-quality STEM mentoring, in collaboration with six established grassroots partner organisations: Stemettes, STEM Learning, the Association for Black and Minority Ethnic Engineers (AFBE), Covent Garden Dragon Hall Trust, Spark!, and The Royal Society of Chemistry. In the first three years, this initiative will reach almost 5,500 young people across the UK.

Furthermore, we are encouraging our employees to become mentors themselves with our partners through our employee volunteering programme.

[1] Science Education in England, STEM Learning, February 2022 (PDF - 469KB)

We support a number of national and local community projects through the GSK IMPACT Awards and our UK charity investments.


The UK GSK IMPACT Awards, established in 1997, is an annual programme that recognises and rewards charities doing outstanding work to improve people's health and wellbeing throughout the UK. The awards are run in partnership with The King’s Fund, a leading independent health charity, and are open to charities with an annual income of between £120,000 to £3 million that are at least three years old.

The name ‘IMPACT’ is derived from the following criteria: Innovation, Management, Partnership, Achievement, Community focus and Targeting need - all of which applicants must be able to clearly demonstrate.

GSK IMPACT Award winners

However, becoming a GSK IMPACT Award winner means so much more than just receiving the unrestricted donation. As part of the award, all winners are invited to participate in a three-day training and development programme with The King’s Fund (valued at an additional £9,500). In addition, all award winners are also encouraged to join the GSK IMPACT Awards Network, providing ongoing support and connecting past winners together. This is designed to encourage members to work with each other, grow together, and share best practices both online and at face-to-face meetings to promote their continued success and growth.

Award winners receive unrestricted funding of £40,000 together with promotional assets to tell their organisation’s story. Runners-up receive unrestricted funding of £4,000.

Apply for the GSK IMPACT Awards


GSK IMPACT Awards judging criteria

Organisations applying for funding via the GSK IMPACT Awards will be measured using the following criteria:

Leadership, creativity and initiative in addressing current challenges in healthcare access and delivery.

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Efficient use of resources; quality of management processes; clear objectives and plans; measurement and monitoring of performance; strength and financial effectiveness of the organisation.

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Working effectively with others (members, users, private and public sector partners, etc); willingness to share ‘best practice’ and to learn from others.

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Measurable results achieved; numbers of people benefited, impact on access to healthcare; difference made.

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Involving and responding to users and the community; openness and provision of information; adaptability to changing circumstances and needs.

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Awareness of community issues and priorities; focus on people in need. 

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UK charities we partner with

We are committed to improving and promoting positive health and wellbeing across the UK through charity partnerships and the exceptional work they do within their communities.

US Charitable Investments

Across the US, we invest our charitable funds with nonprofit organisations that are doing good for people in need in the communities where we live and work. We invest in equitable STEM education, community health and disaster response. Visit our US website to learn more.

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