We are world leaders in next-generation HIV treatment and prevention, through ViiV Healthcare which we majority own. We have an industry-leading pipeline, driven by patient insights.

World leaders in next-generation HIV treatment

HIV remains one of the world’s biggest health epidemics, with 1.3 million new diagnoses annually, and more than 39 million people living with HIV. There is not yet a cure for HIV; however, 40 years of innovation has transformed HIV into a manageable, chronic health condition, enabling people living with HIV to lead long and healthy lives. Despite this progress, HIV stigma is still pervasive and impacts people living with HIV and their care.

The fear of the harsh judgement and discrimination associated with HIV can prevent many people from getting tested and diagnosed, as well as starting and staying on treatment. We are committed to changing that. Our goal is to minimise the impact of HIV on people’s lives by treating and preventing the disease and tackling HIV-related stigma. We are steadfast in our pursuit of a cure. Our research is driven by patient insights, patient demand and unmet need and through our portfolio of 17 medicines, and six pipeline assets, we are working to transform the experience of people living with HIV.

Through ViiV Healthcare (majority owned by GSK), the world's only company 100% focused on HIV, we have been at the forefront of shifting the treatment paradigm for HIV. We have focused on developing innovative regimens that offer potent and well-tolerated options for patients. We’re focusing research on novel treatment options that allow people living with HIV to take fewer drugs or take them much less often, and we are exploring new types of long-acting therapy to give people living with HIV the option to self-administer their medicine at home, as well as treatments to prevent HIV.

What inspires us to be innovators and disruptors? It’s the 39 million people living with HIV around the world. Our mission is to leave no person living with HIV behind and that’s why we won't stop innovating.

Deborah Waterhouse

Deborah Waterhouse

CEO, ViiV Healthcare

Our HIV partnerships

Our commitment to research and development drives us to continuously explore new avenues for HIV treatment and prevention. By leveraging our expertise and collaborative partnerships, we aim to address unmet needs and improve outcomes for individuals living with HIV. Through our unwavering dedication to the HIV community, we are working towards a future where HIV is no longer a barrier to living a fulfilling and healthy life.

We have an exclusive licensing agreement with Shionogi for an innovative treatment. We continue to progress our unique industry/academic partnership with the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill through our jointly-owned QURA Therapeutics.

Through ViiV we have partnerships with grassroots community organisations who are leading the HIV response globally and often in challenging environments where discrimination and stigma remain highly pervasive. 

We collaborate with organisations like the International Aids SocietyClinton Health Access Initiative and the Medicines Patent Pool to maximise the global impact of our medicines. Through voluntary license agreements, we enable generic manufacturers to create paediatric versions of our medicines, where 99% of children with HIV live. We are dedicated to strengthening our partnerships and expanding access initiatives to ensure that our medicines reach those who need them most.


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