R&D locations

Our leading R&D centres in UK, US, Belgium and Italy are pivotal in helping to get ahead of disease around the world. 

Belgium - Rixensart and Wavre

Today, 2,000 people are focused on the discovery of vaccines at our Belgium R&D hub, where vaccines have been discovered and developed since 1958.

Wavre, ariel view

China - Shanghai

Our R&D site in Shanghai focuses on Clinical Development.

Germany - Heidelberg

Heidelberg is home to GSK people discovering and developing medicines for patients.

India - Bengaluru

1000 people work on a variety of R&D functions at our India Global Capability Centre, with our primary site in Bengaluru and satellite sites in Mumbai and Hyderabad.

Italy - Siena

With a 100-year history, our Siena R&D hub hosts 900 GSK people focused on developing bacterial vaccines and monoclonal antibodies.

Japan - Tokyo

Our Akasaka site in Tokyo is a mixed-function site. The R&D focus is on developing medicines and vaccines for patients.

Poland - Poznan

Part of our fast-expanding R&D sites in Poland with 600 people, GSK Poznan is our Global Regulatory Centre, focusing on high quality regulatory services for our medicines.

Poland - Warsaw

Part of our fast-expanding R&D sites in Poland with 600 people, GSK Warsaw hosts R&D functions for the discovery of medicines, including leading on pivotal clincical trials.

Singapore - Jurong

GSK Jurong is a mixed Global Supply Chain and R&D site. It features clinical and development small molecule manufacturing.

Spain - Tres Cantos

Our Tres Cantos site, where medicines have been discovered and developed for over 25 years, is focused on discovering new therapeutics to prevent infectious diseases.

Switzerland - Zug

Our Zug site hosts our oncology facility, with people working across global oncology functions to develop medicines for patients.

UK - Addenbrooke's

Addenbrookes is our primary clinical site for first-time-in-human and experimental medicine trials.

UK - Harlow

Harlow is a Clinical Trial Supply Packaging and Distribution site, and our primary warehouse in our R&D network.

UK - Stevenage

Our R&D hub in Stevenage is home to more than 2,500 GSK people focused on discovering and developing new medicines.

UK - The Stanley Building, London

At our Kings Cross site in London, we’re focused on using artificial intelligence and machine learning to understand the pathway through a disease, which will help to diagnose individual patients more precisely.

UK - Ware

At GSK Ware, we specialise in drug product development, with 450 people supporting the development and registration of new medicines.

UK - GSK House, London

GSK House is our global corporate headquarters and home to 1,000 people working in R&D. All R&D activities at this site are office-based, with a focus across 20 R&D sub-functions.

US - Branford

Our Branford, Connecticut, site is GSK’s sole location for R&D within the ViiV network, focusing on the drug discovery and early development of HIV treatments.

US - Cambridge Binney Street

Home to more than 200 colleagues focused on the use of MAPS (Multiple Antigen Presenting System) technology. The site has been designed to offer a holistic and agile approach with all vaccine development in one place: from discovery to manufacturing.

US - Cambridge Park Drive

Our people at Cambridge Park Drive focus primarily on early discovery and immunology research.

US - Cambridge Tech Square

Our Technology Square site sits at the heart of the Cambridge biotechnology hub and hosts cutting-edge R&D groups.

US - Durham

In downtown Durham, 350 GSK people are working across various R&D functions.

US - Philadelphia

GSK people in Philadelphia are focused specifically on Medical and Regulatory Affairs.

US - Richardson

Our Richardson, Texas site is a mixed site with an R&D technology focus.

US - Rockville

Our Rockville Center for Vaccines Research hosts 350 people focused on the discovery of new vaccines and technologies

US - San Francisco

Our south San Francisco site focuses primarily on using artificial intelligence and machine learning to generate data that’s becoming increasingly important in drug discovery.

US - Upper Merion

Our Upper Merion site hosts over 500 people working to discover and develop medicines.

US - Upper Providence

Our largest US-based site, our Upper Providence R&D hub features eight smart labs and 3,000 GSK people discovering and developing new medicines.

Upper Providence building exterior

US - Waltham

Our largest office-based facility in New England, our Waltham site hosts 300 people working in R&D to discover new medicines.

US - Zebulon

At our Zebulon, North Carolina site, our people are focused on R&D of the Clinical Supply Chain.

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