Global health

We are changing the trajectory of high burden diseases in lower income countries, with a focus on infectious diseases.

Where you live continues to define your chances of enjoying a healthy life.

Amongst the biggest drivers of morbidity and mortality in lower income countries are tuberculosis (TB), malaria, HIV, anti-microbial resistance (AMR), as well as Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs). We believe that focusing on prevention and treatment of these high burden infectious diseases is a critical part of the global response to address health challenges in lower income countries.

Our rich heritage as a leader in global health gives us a unique and important role to play in improving health for patients around the world. By using our science, technology, talent and partnerships, we’ll deliver health impact at scale.

Spotlight on our global health impact


Africa Open Lab

Strengthening research capabilities across Africa.


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Kevin tells us about his daughter, Caroline’s, experience with TB.


Malaria Voices – healthcare professionals

Hear from healthcare professionals in Kenya, working to prevent and treat malaria.