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We believe the bigger the challenge, the bigger the need for collaboration. At GSK we have long been committed to partnering with the world's best minds and leading institutions and investing in our own capabilities.

Our collaborations


GSK and Wave

We believe the bigger the challenge, the bigger the need for collaboration. Hear how we have been working with Wave Life Sciences on RNA editing with the aim of transforming patients' lives.

06 October 2023

Scaling vaccine technology

GSK acquired Boston-based Affinivax to scale a potentially disruptive vaccine technology to help prevent infectious diseases. Hear from the visionary minds behind the ongoing collaboration.

31 May 2023

Laboratory for Genomics Research

We created the Laboratory for Genomics Research with UCSF and UC Berkeley to advance genomic research and improve drug discovery. ​

09 January 2023

Partnerships that matter

GSK roundtable discussion

How we engage

How we engage

  • By collaborating with outstanding scientists at academic institutions to accelerate discovery and development of new vaccines and medicines
  • Through licensing advanced technology and potential vaccines and medicines from biotech companies
  • Establishing joint ventures to strengthen innovation and improve efficiency

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Why this matters

Why this matters

  • Finding the right partner helps to identify and accelerate a potential vaccine or medicine to reach the patients that need it
  • It allows us to push the science and technology as far as it can go to impact human health
  • We can collectively share and advance our scientific knowledge

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What we’re doing

What we’re doing

  • Working with world-leading experts at biotech companies, research institutes and universities to improve drug and vaccine discovery to increase the productivity of our R&D pipeline
  • Collaborating with a broad range of partners to support our R&D focus on the science of the immune system, human genetics and advanced technologies
  • Supporting the advancement of scientific knowledge with our long-standing commitment to sharing research 

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