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Human rights and modern slavery

We expect our employees and the third parties we work with to act according to our values – patient focus, integrity, respect for people and transparency, and we are committed to respecting internationally recognised human rights throughout our global operations. Read our full Human Rights Position Statement and our 2021 Modern Slavery Act Statement (PDF-210KB).

In alignment with the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (PDF - 1.08MB), in 2018 we conducted our second corporate-level human rights risk assessment to ensure we are focusing efforts where our business has the greatest potential to impact people. This involved seeking input from internal and external stakeholders, including human rights experts, third party consultants and peer companies to learn from their perspectives, knowledge and experiences. The six priority areas below were identified.

Access to healthcare

We leverage our scientific expertise, partnerships and our global reach to improve the quality of life for patients around the world. This includes researching treatments and vaccines for neglected diseases, striving to make our medicines and vaccines accessible to everyone who needs them and investing in strengthening healthcare systems. Read more about our work to improve health globally here.

Research practices

We are committed to ensuring that the human rights of people taking part in our clinical research are respected in all the countries in which we operate. This includes obtaining individuals’ free consent to participate, protecting their health and safety and their right to privacy.  We are also committed to providing greater access to data from our clinical research to advance scientific knowledge. Read more here.

Patient safety

Patient safety is a fundamental principle for GSK. We have extensive controls in place designed to detect, evaluate and communicate benefits, risks and any potential safety concerns about our products throughout their development and once they are in use. Read more here.

Labour rights

We are committed to respecting the right of our employees to fair conditions of work and will not tolerate any behaviour that affects an employee’s dignity at work. We expect the third parties we work with to share this commitment and operate in a responsible way. Read more about our employment practices and our Modern Slavery Act statement.

Environment, health and safety

We have set ambitious targets to reduce carbon, water use and waste, recognising that this will contribute to protecting human health, access to water and sanitation, property and livelihoods and our environment now and in the future. We have robust controls in our own manufacturing and make clear our expectations of compliance with our standards to the third parties we work with. Read more on our work to reduce our environmental impact here.

We are committed to respecting the right of our employees to safe and healthy working conditions. Preventing injuries and illnesses at work is fundamental to achieving this. Read more about employee health and wellbeing here.


We exercise high standards of integrity in dealing with the personal information of our employees, patients, clinical research participants, healthcare providers and other stakeholders. Read here for more information on the measures we have in place to respect the right to privacy of individuals whose personal data we collect and process.

We recognise that our priority areas may change as our business grows and evolves over time. We will continue to deepen our understanding of the potential human rights impacts associated with our activities, strengthen the tools and processes to manage these areas and are committed to engaging in constructive dialogue with others regarding these issues.