Employee volunteering

At GSK, we are committed to extending volunteering opportunities to bring about positive change to communities and global health while providing individual development. Our two flagship volunteering programmes – PULSE and Orange Days – give our employees distinct opportunities to offer their time and talent to benefit the communities.

Yolando, a medical rep for GSK in Jamaica, on a PULSE assignment
Yolando, a medical rep for GSK in Jamaica, on a PULSE assignment with the Kherwadi Social Welfare Organisation in Mumbai
PULSE infographic

The PULSE Volunteer Partnership provides a skills-based volunteering opportunity where eligible employees are matched with a non-profit organisation for three or six months full-time. Since 2009, PULSE contributed a total £22 million worth of skilled services to nonprofit organisations across the world. PULSE volunteers’ work supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals, particularly good health and quality education.

A patient at SNEHA in India with two children

Pulse Impact Report

Download the Pulse Impact Report 2016

What are the benefits of PULSE?

By using their expertise to help non-profits with their most pressing problems, employees make a sustainable difference to communities they serve. At the same time, our employees benefit from this experience as they come back to GSK re-energised, with fresh insights or ideas, and with a renewed connection to our mission to help people “do more, feel better, live longer.”

The benefits of PULSE is evident from the data we collect from our volunteers, our non-profit partners, and the volunteers’ managers and colleagues at the end of a PULSE assignment. For example:


Change communities

By giving our greatest resource, our people, to support our NGO partners’ most pressing needs, we aim to contribute real and lasting value to society. PULSE volunteers focus not only on the communities’ needs, but also on building staff and programmatic capacity so that their impact is sustainable. 

Change employees

PULSE offers a unique opportunity for GSK employees to step out of their comfort zone, explore the unknown and enhance their understanding of the global healthcare landscape. It increases our people’s energy and motivation, helping them to become more resilient and develop leadership skills. 

Change GSK

PULSE volunteers are part of how we evolve GSK and the spirit of the company to stay in step with society. They represent a cadre of people who, after going through life-changing experiences, come back with a bigger view of the world and fresh insights, changing our company for the better. 

  • 98%

    of our NGO partners agree that their PULSE volunteer either met or exceeded their expectations

  • 94%

    of GSK colleagues believe that PULSE helped the volunteers develop their interpersonal skills and learning agility

  • 91%

    of the volunteers agree that they brought new ideas and fresh ways of working into GSK after PULSE

Orange Days 

Our Orange Day programme gives all employees one paid day off each year to make a difference for their chosen local community project. Employees often do their Orange Days in teams to support a myriad of activities, from cleaning up community parks to mentoring school students. We encourage employees to volunteer their time to their community, allowing them to offer their skills and expertise whilst developing themselves.  

Pulse Volunteer partnership, Orange Days around the world, infographic
Map representing Orange Day participants in 44 countries from 2016-2017

Many GSK offices, including Germany, Japan, India, South Africa and US, do site-wide Orange Days involving all employees from that site. For instance, in August 2017, 220 volunteers from North Carolina, in partnership with Durham Rescue Mission organisation, packed 3,000 backpacks of school supplies for children and distributed 1,400 bags of groceries to families in the area. In the US and UK, hundreds of employees participated in over 300 Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) volunteer activities. Through our STEM programmes, employees work with schools, scientific institutions, and students to show young people the exciting opportunities that studying STEM subjects can bring.