Global Ethics and Compliance

The Global Ethics and Compliance function is responsible for supporting the development and implementation of practices that facilitate compliance with laws and Group policy.

Code of Conduct cover

Our Code of Conduct is the foundation of  our company policies. It sets out fundamental principles and our GSK Values that staff should apply in their daily work. Underpinning the Code of Conduct is a range of corporate policies providing specific guidance in areas such as competition law, marketing practices, non-discrimination, share dealing and conflicts of interest. It is the responsibility of all staff to follow the Code to sustain the trust and confidence of our stakeholders.

GSK Code of Conduct

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Our GSK Speak Up Integrity Lines are available to report alleged breaches of legal or regulatory obligations, financial fraud (including accounting internal controls and auditing), or any other alleged contravention of GSK's Code of Conduct and company policies.

Issues and concerns can be reported using different communication channels and concerns may be reported anonymously if desired.

A secure, offsite post office box may also be used:

Mailing Address:
Box 58572
Pennsylvania 19102

Please do not use the Speak Up Integrity Lines or post office box for product enquiries or to report adverse events. Visit the contact us page for instructions on where to submit questions on these matters.

Ethics and Compliance Overview

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