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Reporting to shareholders

Financial results are announced on a quarterly basis in April, July, October and February.

GSK reports formally to shareholders twice a year, when our half-year and full-year results are announced. The CEO and CFO give presentations on the half-year and full-year results in face-to-face meetings with institutional investors, analysts and the media, which are also accessible via web-cast and teleconference. You can view these presentations on

To ensure that the Non-Executive Directors are aware of and understand the views of major shareholders, our Board has in place a briefing process, which is managed by the Chairman. It focuses on sector-specific issues as well as general shareholder preferences. Each year the Non-Executive Directors also receive an external review of shareholder opinion.

Our Investor Relations department, with offices in London and Philadelphia, acts as a focal point for contacts with investors throughout the world. The CEO, CFO and Chairman maintain a dialogue with institutional shareholders on performance, plans and objectives through a programme of regular meetings. They also speak regularly at external conferences and presentations.

The Company Secretary acts as a focal point for communications on corporate governance matters. We also have a small central Corporate Responsibility (CR) team which co-ordinates strategy, policy development and reporting specifically with respect to CR and communicates with socially responsible investors and other stakeholders.

The Chairman meets regularly with institutional shareholders to hear their views and discuss issues of mutual importance and communicates their views to the Board. The Senior Independent Director and all the Non-Executive Directors are available to meet shareholders.

The Remuneration Committee Chairman, the Chairman, the Head of Human Resources and the Company Secretary hold annual meetings with major shareholders to discuss executive remuneration and governance matters.

Our Annual General Meeting (AGM) takes place in London, and notification is sent to shareholders at least one month in advance. At the Meeting a business presentation is made to shareholders and all directors able to attend are available, formally during the Meeting, and informally afterwards, for questions. Committee Chairmen ordinarily attend the AGM to respond to shareholders’ questions.

The results of any voting at the meeting are released to the London Stock Exchange and published on this website.