Commercial management (Consumer Healthcare)

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Preethi Iyer
Commercial management (Consumer)

Programme overview

Do you want to love what you do, work in a competitive high-performing environment and improve people’s lives? If so, then become part of our fast-moving GSK Consumer Healthcare business, and work with household-name products that reach people in more than 100 countries worldwide.

We offer you the chance to pursue a career with purpose where you can develop quickly and explore your leadership potential through a rich variety of training, mentoring and on-the-job experience. This career path will enable you to improve your sales and marketing skills while gaining valuable leadership training in the pharmaceutical industry.

GSK Consumer Healthcare is a dynamic business area that creates opportunity to explore new products and markets. It’s an exciting place to work as we move quickly to launch meaningful innovations and activate our brands based on real consumer insight and need. 

What do we look for in a candidate?

  • A proactive, enthusiastic approach to work
  • You’ll need an analytical mind
  • A talent for multi-tasking
  • Ability to adapt to change and stay focused when the pressure is on
  • Strong interpersonal skills - someone who can connect people and ideas to come up with something new
  • Commercial awareness - an interest in sales and marketing
  • Resilience


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"It’s very fast, very dynamic – and I think it reflects our industry. It’s amazing that you can be fresh out of university and the next thing you know you find yourself changing teams every six months, or even changing countries. It kind of forces you to constantly come out of your comfort zone."

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What will you do

  • You will gain in-depth insights into the GSK Consumer Healthcare commercial business
  • You’ll manage projects, prioritise tasks and build relationships with people at all levels of the organisation and with our customers
  • You will learn how to drive sales growth
  • You will learn how to market leading brands to national, regional and global audiences
  • You will undertake leadership training that will equip you to become a leader of the future and inspire action through influencing and negotiating
  • You will learn how to seize opportunities and develop them through gathering insights and strategic planning
  • You will learn how to adapt in the fast-paced, high-energy industry
  • You will also gain invaluable networking opportunities, both with senior leaders and with your peers

Experience and rotations

  • 1-3 years

    to gain broad-ranging experience across the consumer healthcare commercial business

  • 3-4 rotations

    in sales, marketing, supply chain and finance

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On this career path you’ll gain broad-ranging experience across the consumer healthcare commercial business.  It will offer you opportunities to take on real roles through rotations in both our sales and marketing functions.

In a sales rotation, expect to work in a customer-facing role. This will give you invaluable first-hand experience of how our consumers engage with our products. You will learn about areas including product merchandising, customer education, new product launches, sales planning, forecasting and stock planning. They require great relationship skills, a desire to take personal accountability and a target-driven approach.

In a marketing rotation, expect to work in areas such as shopper marketing, brand/ category management. You will learn about our brands, gather insights into our consumer and buyer preferences and understand which factors influence our overall sales.  You will have the opportunity to work on media campaigns, brand activations and product launches while learning how we analyse brand performance and optimise consumer engagement. Our marketing roles require strong analytical skills, an ability to work cross-functionally and a good understanding of customers.

In addition to sales and marketing, you could also experience areas such as supply chain and finance which are vital to understanding how our business operates and how we get our products from our manufacturing site to consumers. This will give you a good grounding in the day-to-day operations of the commercial organisation.

Throughout, you’ll have access to senior GSK managers and mentors, who will guide you and help you achieve your career objectives. You will also be part of a diverse, global network of graduates who are sharing the same daily experiences as you but in different parts of the world. These peer relationships are a fantastic opportunity to get exposure and inspiration beyond your home market and learn different approaches to doing your job.

photo of preethi

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What happens next

In GSK, we like to say that you own your own career. We will help you, provide you with tools and resources for your development and support you every step of the way – but in the end, your career is your own and as a future leader in GSK, we expect you to be in the driver’s seat. This programme is aimed at giving you the option to explore what you like doing, where your strengths are and how you can contribute most. You might find that you enjoy the dynamic world of sales, you might discover a passion for marketing or you might even discover a hidden talent for negotiating really great deals with our vendors in procurement or understanding the needs of our employees in HR – help us help you get to where you’re going!

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