Research and development (Consumer Healthcare)

Programme overview 

Our Research and development (Consumer Healthcare) career path suits graduates who want a career with real purpose – making consumer’s lives easier through our targeted science efforts across the globe. It’s an accelerated development program in the duration of three years (four rotations, nine months long) that equips graduates with the knowledge, skills and attributes to move quickly into more senior positions within the R&D function. Participants in the programme will benefit from a rich variety of structured development opportunities, individual mentoring, exposure to senior leaders throughout programme and insights into different aspects of our business. From the start, our challenging rotation structure will help you deliver the standards of excellence that we’d expect from a true future leader.

What do we look for in a candidate?

  • You’ll need an analytical mind and a passion for using science to deliver to consumer need
  • An “enterprise & digital” mindset and approach to innovation and the progression of the R&D function
  • Strong interpersonal skills - someone who can bring together our science, our people and our consumers
  • The courage and the ambition to take on real challenges in our business and be accountable for end-to-end projects
  • Strong self-awareness and a curiosity to learn
  • A proactive, enthusiastic approach to work
  • You’ll need to learn to be comfortable with a complex environment and making decisions in a matrixed organization

What will you do

  • You will learn how our products are developed – from idea to shelf
  • You will undertake leadership training that will equip you to become a leader of the future and inspire action through influencing and negotiating
  • You will gain in-depth and cross-sectional insights into the Consumer Healthcare R&D function
  • You’ll manage projects, prioritise tasks and build relationships with people at all levels of the organization across the business
  • You will learn about the regulatory environment and how we work within it to make sure our products reach out consumers
  • You will gain insights into the importance of making sure our products are always top quality
  • You will learn about process improvement and how we make sure we are keeping pace with the ever-developing technologies
  • You will learn about procedures in laboratory settings

Hear from Richard Slater – Head of Consumer Healthcare R&D

In this Q&A, Richard explains the company’s focus on developing everyday healthcare products based on cutting-edge science.

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Experience and rotations

  • 3 years

  • 4 rotations

    9 months long

On this career path you’ll gain a broad understanding of our research and development function within the consumer healthcare business.  It will offer you opportunities to take on real roles across innovation, technical excellence, regulatory and new product development (NPD) placements, as well as the breadth rotation outside of R&D.

In an NPD rotation, the exposure you will get will be across over-the-counter (OTC) and non-OTC with a focus on packaging and innovation. You can expect to work on exciting initiatives focused on introducing new products to benefit our end consumers, splitting your time between working in a laboratory environment as well as working with the commercial teams to make sure that we are communicating our innovations and scientific research in the right way.

In an aligned R&D function role, expect to work in areas such as technical excellence, regulatory or R&D operations. You will learn in depth about our processes and workflows, gain understanding around how we make decisions within the R&D function and how we maintain the high performance standards that we set for ourselves. You might have the experience of leading an end-to-end regulatory approval process or learn about the life-cycle of our products in the packaging department. Our functional roles require strong analytical skills, an ability to work cross-functionally and a good understanding of the science behind our innovations.

In addition to R&D and NPD roles, you could also experience areas such as quality, supply chain and commercial which are vital to understanding how our business operates and how we get our top quality products from our laboratories, to our manufacturing operations and in the end to our consumers.

Throughout, you’ll have access to senior leaders and mentors, who will guide you and help you achieve your career objectives. You will also be part of a diverse, global network of graduates who are sharing similar daily experiences as you but in different parts of the world. These peer relationships are a fantastic opportunity to get exposure and inspiration beyond your home market and learn different approaches to doing your job. 

What happens next

We believe that you own your own career. We will help you, provide you with tools and resources for your development, support you every step of the way – to realize your ambition, you’ll be in the driver’s seat. Following the conclusion of this exciting and stretching programme after the four rotations, you can expect to take on a permanent role, aligned to your career aspirations within the R&D organisation – we are committed to supporting development of all our employees at all levels of seniority, so you can expect further stretch and learning even as you move into your permanent role.


Switzerland, UK, USA

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