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As a business we are supporting global efforts to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic. We are still hiring to ensure that we can continue to supply our medicines, vaccines and products to our patients and consumers all over the world. 

Since the outbreak, we have been exploring ways to help, using our science expertise, alongside protecting the wellbeing of our people and patients who depend on our products. We are supporting the safety of our people and patients by following local government advice and guidance.  No one knows how long this advice will be enforced, but we’ll update this page as and when necessary.

For the time being, our selection process will, where possible, happen virtually via phone calls and video interviews. With this in mind, our recruitment team will work directly with all candidates to support them through the process. Some of our roles are inundated with applications at this time, so response times may be slower than usual. We really appreciate your patience. You’ll find tips and tricks on getting ready for virtual interviews and meetings below.   Stay safe and look after yourselves.

1. Choose your location wisely

Make sure you’re at a table and at the right level for video calls, but also comfortable to work. Think about your background and how that will be framed in the camera too.

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2. Check your audio quality

There’s nothing more distracting on a call than a ringing, a car alarm or background noise. To minimise this, find a quiet space and if there is any background interference, use headphones to make the call. If you anticipate that you might be disturbed during the call, be sure to let your interviewer know in advance.

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3. Test the technology in advance

Before the interview starts try out the call software so that you're familiar with how it works. Make sure you know how to connect audio, mute your microphone and operate the camera.   Ensure that you choose a location where you have the best  connection possible.

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4. Set expectations upfront

If you have family members or pets at home let the interviewer know that there might be some background noise. The interviewer is likely to be in the same position as you.  Don’t forget that you can mute when you’re not speaking.

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5. Don't panic

We know that these are unprecedented times and a virtual recruitment process might make you feel a little nervous. If you follow our tips and prepare as you normally would, your experience will be very similar to our usual recruitment practices.  We will do everything that we can to make you feel comfortable so if you have any questions, before, during or after the interview, just ask.

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