Business operations

Excel in GSK business operations through our Future Leaders graduate programme.

Communications and Government Affairs

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Share our story and save lives

Communicate our story clearly and correctly, so that together, we can improve the lives of billions of people over the next 10 years.

We are looking for leaders of the future in Communications and Government Affairs

Are you a graduate with strong influencing skills who can help communicate our values, our products and business developments in a clear and compelling way?

In this role, you will help us protect and enhance our reputation both inside and outside our company. You’ll also ensure our story is told correctly and consistently for all our businesses. 

Develop your career

Over two years, our Future Leaders graduate programme will challenge and support you to grow professionally and personally. You will have rotations that give you experience across internal and external communications, in several business areas. 

You will have the opportunity to:

  • Hone your skills and increase your knowledge of internal and external communications and government affairs on a tailored development programme
  • Be involved in our digital activity both internally and on our social media channels
  • Lead cross-functional teams; crafting key messages, influencing and presenting
  • Learn to manage projects and prioritise tasks effectively
  • Analyse and interpret information that helps you understand healthcare trends and insights 

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You will need:

  • To be a talented, ambitious, self-motivated and inquisitive graduate
  • The ability to interpret complex healthcare information
  • To be a team player who works well under pressure
  • To be digitally fluent, with strong communication and influencing skills

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I love being part of Communications and Government Affairs – I have the opportunity to give a voice to GSK and build a career with global impact!


Communications and Government Affairs, US


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Using numbers to improve lives

Assist us in deploying numbers to drive our strategic success, so we can deliver what matters most, better and faster.

We are looking for Future Leaders in Finance

Are you a self-motivated, adaptable graduate with an interest in finance?

Finance supports everything we do here at GSK and, if you join us, you will use numbers to make a difference. We offer an independent viewpoint, driving decision-making and strategy across our organisation. We also maximise profitability by managing cost, cash and return on investment.

Be part of a team that prides itself on delivering excellence. You will be a trusted advisor to your peers and colleagues, driving continuous innovation and improvement – and enjoy a challenging and varied career with numerous opportunities.

Develop your leadership potential and career

If you’re a graduate with the talent and ambition to lead others, we will help you develop the expertise to become one of our Future Leaders.

  • Over three years, you’ll have three rotations (jobs) that will challenge and stretch you

  • You will learn and embed the core technical finance and systems knowledge you need to move forward

  • You will also have an opportunity to work hand-in-hand with business. That could be anything from commercial to manufacturing or R&D, to support their business decisions. Wherever you are, you will build upon your technical knowledge and gain new business knowledge. It will be up to you to give robust, insightful analysis that helps the department achieve their objectives

  • You will have a regional or global view, in any one of a number of areas. Above all, you will broaden your perspective and enterprise mindset 

You will have the opportunity to:

  • Hone your finance skills on a tailored development programme
  • Work in a multicultural environment in a leading global healthcare organisation
  • Inspire a team to achieve unprecedented success 

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You will need:

  • To be a high achieving, ambitious graduate with a desire for a career in finance
  • To be committed to gaining your CIMA qualification (company-funded)
  • To be self-motivated and proactive with a questioning and analytical mind
  • Excellent communication skills
  • The ability to multitask and perform under pressure
  • To be skilled at building strong relationships with stakeholders
  • To be adaptable and cope with change
  • To be eligible to work in the country you’re applying for
  • Written and spoken fluency in your native language and English

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I chose GSK’s Finance Future Leaders Program because I wanted to work in a place where I can develop my passion for economics, finance, and accounting. It’s a great feeling that, alongside my personal development, I can contribute to improving patient quality of life.


Finance, Poland

Human Resources

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We are looking for leaders of the future in Human Resources

Are you a graduate who relishes the thought of partnering with the business, to equip it with the right people and skills to help improve the lives of people around the world? Join us and you will have an exciting opportunity to embed our values-led, high-performance culture. As part of our HR team, you will recognise courage, accountability, development, and teamwork – and offer our people rewarding careers with great development and excellent benefits.

Develop your career

If you are a graduate with the talent and ambition to understand our business as it continues to change, take accountability, and lead others then we will equip you with the necessary experience to become one of our Future Leaders.

Our two-year graduate programme will challenge and support you to grow professionally and personally. You’ll have three rotations to grow your expertise as a HR generalist and a fourth rotation with a HR Business Leader - strategically supporting their business leadership team to develop your experience and commercial awareness. You will have support every step of the way with formal and informal learning and mentoring. 

You will have the opportunity to:

  • Hone your skills in every aspect of HR on a tailored development programme
  • Collaborate with colleagues and customers around the world
  • Learn how to manage projects and effectively prioritise tasks
  • Research and analyse information and report your findings
  • Find creative solutions to new challenges
  • Develop new skills and knowledge wherever you find the opportunity
  • Build your network across HR and our entire company
  • Participate in HR Future Leaders programme initiatives, like our corporate social responsibility and senior leader ‘Let’s Talk’ initiative 

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You will need:

  • To be interested in GSK’s business and purpose
  • To be motivated to take on new challenges that provide learning and stretch outside of your comfort zone
  • To be interested in people and development
  • A digital and analytical mindset, demonstrating the ability to analyse information quickly and use it to make decisive decisions
  • Ambition, resilience and high learning agility
  • To influence and gain commitment from different stakeholders
  • To be an active team member and energised by teamwork
  • To be courageous and confident enough to speak up in line with GSK’s Values and Expectations
  • To be curious, have an inquisitive, open-minded attitude and seek new ways to make progress
  • To demonstrate the ability and flexible mindset to adapt to change
  • To be a clear and effective communicator
  • To be self-aware and open to feedback to support your development
  • To be focused on delivering the best possible results for the organisation, showing determination, resourcefulness and a sense of purpose

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I recently made a recruitment video for the Argentina market and my advice was if you want to have a stretching career where you'll learn a lot of things from experts, professionals and be really challenged every day, but working for a good reason, GSK is the place to be.


Human Resources, Argentina


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We are looking for Future Leaders in Procurement

Are you an adaptable graduate with a keen interest to negotiate, problem solve and innovate? Join us and make an impact on our business on a whole range of levels.

Procurement operates across borders, making it a truly global function. Our team does far more than buy goods and services – they help bring innovation and value to the entire business. Working with these highly skilled professionals, you could be involved in a wide variety of initiatives. You could bring a new product technology from our suppliers to our patients. Or perhaps create a value-driven ad campaign with our social-media partners to reach new audiences in emerging markets. With a stream of diverse and absorbing projects, Procurement is a fascinating area with tremendous scope for progress.

Develop your career

Over two and a half years, our Future Leaders graduate programme will challenge and support you to grow professionally and personally. With first-class support and development opportunities, you will take your career into leadership roles and help us achieve our commercial ambitions. 

You will have the opportunity to:

  • Discover the best ways to boost the profitability of a leading healthcare company
  • Hone your skills by getting involved in development opportunities, including formal training that will equip you to become a leader of the future and inspire action through influencing and negotiating.
  • Develop purchasing and negotiation strategies, and demonstrate project leadership
  • Negotiate at senior or executive management level with our supply base
  • Gain in-depth and cross-sectional insights into the GSK Procurement function, and partner with business functions such as finance and legal.
  • Lead contract negotiations and review financial proposals
  • Manage spend across multiple functions, including marketing, manufacturing, and research
  • Bring positive changes to the business through creative and innovative ideas
  • Build your leadership and management skills by mentoring/coaching others and leading project teams 

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You will need:

  • An interest in Procurement, the commercial world, and the healthcare industry
  • To work as a business partner, building strong relationships with key stakeholders
  • The ability to create effective working relationships globally and a natural drive for teamwork
  • The ability to adapt to change and work under pressure
  • Excellent communication skills that can help you influence
  • Strong problem-solving skills that are driven by curiosity
  • Confidence to deal with complexity and ambiguity, good project management skills and the ability to prioritise tasks

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Whatever job you do at GSK, there's always a real sense that our work plays a part in improving patients' lives.


Procurement, Singapore