Post graduate opportunities

Development programmes for PhDs and postdocs who want to make a difference.

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If you are enthusiastic and have a strong interest in healthcare, we have a wide range of programmes for PhD and postdoc candidates from a scientific, research, medical or consulting background.

From Esprit, our leading global talent development programme, through to our R&D development programme, which trains the next generation of vaccine scientists, we need the very best talent to help us make an impact on people’s health across the world. Explore how we can drive progress together. 

Postdoctoral R&D

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Are you an exceptional Postdoc or PhD scientist with strategic decision-making skills? If you would like to work on critical R&D challenges in the pre-competitive space, then consider joining our postdoctoral R&D programme.

You can expect to be working on the critical R&D challenges in the pre-competitive space, providing the opportunity for publications in high-impact journals and presentation opportunities while rounding out your training with a deeper understanding of translation of drug discovery and development to medicines or vaccines of value for patients.

At the start of the programme, you will work with your supervisor to further a programme of research with mutually agreed timelines, milestones, objectives, accountability, and duration (up to three years).

During this time, you will have access to our extensive R&D engine, including our tools, technologies, libraries, samples and events.

On the programme you will:

  • Be at the cutting edge of science
  • Understand how we are bridging the gap from target identification to medicine or vaccines for patients in need
  • Be part of a multi-functional drug research and development organisation working on high-risk, cutting-edge science, focused on resolving critical R&D challenges
  • Be prepared for a career in industry, government, a non-profit and/or academia 
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We are looking for exceptional PhD scientists with strategic decision-making skills. Proven scientific and theoretical capability, together with high levels of innovation, creativity, and the ability to solve complex problems are required. 

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Postdoc positions will be available throughout the year specific to each project. Please search for openings using our search and apply tool. 

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I've always wanted to work in an area where I would be able to make a difference and when searching for postdocs GSK was an ideal fit. During the postdoc programme I have been able to apply and further my expertise in microphysiological systems / organ on a chip technology in addition to gaining new skills. I have also been able to directly contribute to the drug discovery and development pipeline and learn about how the different areas work together to develop new medicines through the vast networking opportunities. 


Postdoctoral Research Associate, R&D

I applied for the GSK Postdoctoral programme because I wanted to carry out exploratory research in an environment with clear goals to deliver benefits to patients. Being part of the programme has been an amazing opportunity to work at the interface of academia and industry and to get the best out of both of those environments. I have now built a strong network that will be of great help for my future career prospects.


Postdoctoral Research Associate, R&D

Postdoctoral Immunology Catalyst

R&D scientist working in cell and gene therapy in biology smart laboratory.

If you are an exceptional PhD scientist with a background in immunology or a related field, you could join our world-class Immunology Catalyst R&D facility. 

The Immunology Catalyst is our world class R&D facility in Stevenage. Leading academic immunologists work here alongside GSK’s scientists whilst pursuing their own independent research programmes. This is an opportunity to join them for up to three years.

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As a postdoctoral fellow at the Immunology Catalyst, you will be mentored by a world-class academic immunologist. They will support you in developing the skills to become an independent scientific investigator. You will have the opportunity to publish in scientific journals and to develop a deep understanding of drug discovery and development. At the start of your post-doctoral, you will work with your supervisor to design a programme of research with mutually agreed timelines, milestones, objectives, and responsibilities.

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This Immunology Catalyst training programme will prepare you for a career in academia, industry, or in a regulatory or non-profit healthcare organisation.

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Please search for openings using our search and apply tool.

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GSK Vaccines Global PhD and Postdoc Programme

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Training the next generation of vaccine research scientists. 

This is a chance to work with our expert scientists and academic collaborators on the vaccines of the future. Operating at the cutting-edge of science, you will take on multi-functional projects that take advantage of our extensive R&D technological engine as well as the top-level knowledge of academic scientists and professors. A fast-paced, patient-oriented, and science-led approach is the hallmark of all our PhD and Postdoctoral research.

The programme also offers personal and career development opportunities, with a varied training curriculum. This means you can participate in everything from R&D conferences and seminars with GSK and outside experts, to soft skills summer schools and career coaching initiatives.

The impact of PhD- and postdoc-led research is pivotal in our R&D. As a student or fellow in GSK Vaccines, your research will have high visibility and make the difference in the fight against infectious diseases.

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You will find GSK Vaccines R&D Centres in Siena (Italy), Rixensart (Belgium) and Rockville (Maryland, US). As a PhD fellow, you will be associated with a university as a student and receive your PhD from the doctorate school of your university. As a postdoc, you can be part of innovative collaborative research projects involving both academia and industry.

You can also look for project-specific graduate and postdoc positions throughout the year on our Careers page and Partnership page

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We are looking for exceptional students and scientists from around the world, with proven scientific and theoretical capability, together with high levels of innovation, creativity, and the ability to solve complex problems.

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