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Aaron, Commercial management (Pharmaceuticals), UK

Photo of Aron, FLP

Commercial management (Pharmaceuticals)


I’m Aaron. I’m from the US and grew up in York, Pennsylvania. I work in ViiV Healthcare, which is a global specialist HIV company, majority owned by GSK. My current job title is Junior Brand Manager for new products. Working for ViiV Healthcare has enabled me to relocate to the UK, where I’ve been since last October and I love it here!

Why GSK? It just felt like a good fit. I always knew I wanted to work in healthcare because I wanted to do something that was a little more impactful. Health is important for everyone. The company culture is also something that was a good fit. When I had my interview for the FLP programme, the interviewer came across as very genuine, which made for a really nice experience.

Learning to be a Future Leader

My role reports into the international region, which is a highly diverse set of markets. It’s a mix of many markets in regions such as Asia, Latin America, the Middle-East and Africa. As a Junior Brand Manager I assist in the new product launches. This tends to involve taking the materials we get from our corporate headquarters and shaping them to what the markets need.

One of the projects I'm working on involves making key decisions on a new product's footprint. I'm responsible for leading the discussion around where we launch. It's a powerful project which is really impactful to patients. It really matters. We need to get it right. It's just incredibly exciting to work on something that is so impactful to the business.

Last year, I got to work on the launch of a new vaccine that was really going to advance our progress towards preventing a certain disease. I undertook a market research project that directly affected the marketing decisions we made for launch. Things such as ‘How do we bring this vaccine to market in the best way possible?’ And ‘How do we service patients?’ It was a really cool project to work on and it also showed how we can use our market research to understand how we can perform better. Which is important, especially with an innovative new vaccine.

Right now, I'm helping to launch some HIV products in the international region. These are markets that have a very high disease burden, so advancing science in these markets is crucial.

At GSK, there's a real sense of purpose: of why you're here. It's to improve the lives of patients. That makes work more meaningful and in turn makes you more thoughtful with your work.

What do I like most about working here?

The people for sure. They’re very encouraging and super smart. Working with individuals like this on a daily basis is really helping me to build my skills.

Still being relatively new to GSK, I'm always the least experienced in the room and sometimes it can be intimidating. I have realised that when you're starting out in your career it's actually really good to put yourself in this sort of situation. It makes for a brilliant growth opportunity.

In the four years I've been here, I've got to work in several different therapy areas, such as Respiratory, Vaccines and HIV. I have also been able to work with teams from varying geographies.

Looking ahead…

My ambition is to lead a global team through a product launch someday. I love working with different cultures and understanding the healthcare environment on a global perspective and leading such a project would be a great opportunity.

Also, I'm really excited by the future of science and the possibilities it brings to new product development and ultimately our future pipeline of medicines.