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Adele, Commercial Excellence, Singapore

Woman smiling in an office

My career has taken me from Hong Kong to Singapore, then on to the UK and back to Singapore. As I moved across different cultures, I noticed people faced similar gender challenges. In fact, a lot of women came to me and talked about their experiences.

With this in mind, I wanted to bring together a group of individuals who could share their challenges and help address the overall equality agenda. That's how I came to re-start the Singapore chapter of the Women’s Leadership Initiative (WLI).

The group is open to everyone, not just female colleagues. You’re welcome to join if you’re passionate about inclusion and diversity, and you’d like to see improved gender equality at a senior level. It’s all about using our passion to really dial up women’s leadership potential – our goal is to ensure there is equal opportunity for all genders.

The WLI run some amazing global events, from activities around International Women’s Day to virtual sharing sessions on the issues posed by working from home during the pandemic. Chapters (chapters can be at a country or site level) also run local events. This year in Singapore, we hosted a famous social psychologist Amy Cuddy who tackled themes such as embracing cultural difference and the power of authentic leadership.

I think it is very important to build a shared community which goes beyond your day-to-day job. It strengthens the feeling of belonging in the workplace, and there’s a feel-good factor from getting involved in activities that benefit colleagues all over the organisation. Being part of an Employee Resource Group, and working together to raise awareness of gender equality, gives me a sense of purpose that motivates  me to be even better at work.

I’ve also found that exploring equality, and learning what other people are experiencing, has been a process of self-discovery. It has really helped me discover who I am.