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Andrea, Sales, Brazil

Andrea is the General Manager of our Consumer Healthcare business in Brazil. She tells us about her experience of being a female leader from Latin America and shares her advice on leadership style and the principles that underpin high performing teams.

photo of Andrea


About sneakers, transparency and inclusion

Olá a todos! Greetings from Brazil, more specifically from Rio de Janeiro, the city I’ve embraced recently as home when I moved from São Paulo to become the General Manager of GSK Consumer Healthcare Brazil. I’m Andrea and this is both a pleasure and a challenge to talk to you about myself and my role!

I joined GSK at the beginning of 2017, after having spent about 25 years in consumer goods and retail companies. I’ve been absolutely enchanted by the opportunity to work for a healthcare company that deliberately puts its values in every single aspect of the business. I’m delighted with the challenge ahead and the global mindset and connection that will really support my development whether personal or professional.

It is important for me to acknowledge that being a female leader from Latin America at a global British company makes me feel especially proud. Because diversity does matter in driving creative thinking and performance, and inclusion is absolutely crucial to our business, our consumers and our teams. It is the right thing to do and, of course, gender and geography are only a small part of it.

Inclusion has so many spectrums. It starts by fostering an environment where people can be exactly who they are, with no masks and no retaliation.

I may say that this is the first pillar of my leadership style: authenticity is something that I’ve pursued my whole career. I do wear my sneakers to work when there are no formal external engagements. As well as feeling comfortable, this is also a statement – I can be exactly who I am, I’m putting my energy where it matters, and this is an open, diverse and informal organisation.

These days there is no other way to engage the younger generation than by making it very clear that all voices are heard, hierarchy is a matter of decision making, and all types of people and opinions matter.

To be clear, it is not about my sneakers, it is about my behaviour and leaders’ behaviours. It is about giving our associates the freedom to contribute with their perceptions and diverse backgrounds whilst having the ability to be authentic with purple hair, tattoos, sexuality, gender, disabilities and ethnicity. It is about open doors and having every single talent involved around the business strategy, the goals, the results we all want to achieve and a shared purpose.

You know, I truly believe that this great level of acceptance and inclusion is at the core of our turnaround in Brazil. The past few years were pretty tough to our organisation, but 2018 is proving special.

Our high double-digit growth is driven by passion, genuine engagement and strong inclusion of all voices. 

Junior levels of our organisation are committed to contributing to our plans and putting together our 5-year ambition and strategies. All decisions are openly communicated, and informal face to face meetings are our main communication channel to keep people updated in a timely manner.

These are the principles of the high performing teams we are building in Consumer Healthcare Brazil. Underpinned by an environment of trust, transparency and inclusion, we are activating a strong cultural transformation to sustain our growth, develop our talent and make Brazil shine.