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Harpreet, Technology, India

Harpreet smiling

I joined GSK in 2020 as Vice President, Technology for the new, state of the art Global Capability Centre in Bengaluru, India. I’ve been driving and implementing technology strategies for large multinational organisations for more than 20 years, and I am looking forward to leveraging that experience here at GSK.

Why is the Global Capability Centre (GCC) important to the business?

The Global Capability Centre will play an integral part to GSK’s future. It will bring the growth and innovation that GSK needs to continue to deliver products, medicines and vaccines for patients and consumers.

Right now, the business is investing heavily across technology functions to support our strategy for the future. We’re building two new companies; one focused on biopharma and the other on consumer healthcare. Investment in Bengaluru and all transformation is critical to that goal. Technology supports this transformation journey, and the GCC is the foundation of this strategy.

What’s happening in tech at GSK?

The Technology team is defining the future of tech within the company, so it’s an exciting time to join us. We’re focused on building capabilities to support analytics and AI, mobility, product development, software development, operations as well as building a centre of excellence for global technology security and risk.

How does your tech team’s work in Bengaluru support GSK’s global objectives?

GSK has one the largest sources of patient and healthcare data in the world. Our team in Bengaluru is helping us fully understand and harness the power of this data; building and hydrating new data lakes; and introducing and building new and advanced tools. As we have already embarked upon this journey of digitisation, we’re making huge strides towards technology innovation, product development, DevOps, advanced analytics, big data, Cloud, etc. We’re working with cutting-edge technologies to support this transformation.

What can tech professionals expect when they join the team in Bengaluru?

All the work that we do here is underpinned by our values; patient focus; transparency (which helps build trust); respect for colleagues; and the highest level of ethical behaviour. When new team members join the GCC, this is what they’ll see. We also have a world-class set up with a highly motivated team that’s driven to create technology solutions that positively impact people's lives. This is what you’ll find at the Global Capability Centre in Bengaluru.

If you had to persuade someone to apply for a job at GSK, what would you say?

I’d ask them if they believed in living in a healthier world and if they’d like to work for a global organisation that’s dedicated to helping people do more, feel better and live longer. I’d ask them if working on leading-edge technologies that directly link to patient-centric outcomes is something that excites them; if they would like to be part of a technology team that supports organisational transformation; if they enjoy innovation as part of their day-to-day work; and if they value being part of a performance-driven organisation. If the answer to these statements is yes, then I look forward to having a conversation with them so they can learn more.