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Hewan, Commercial Management, Turkey

Hewan in the office

Commercial Management

Since joining the GSK Future Leaders Programme (FLP) three years ago, I’ve grown in professional maturity very quickly. I knew it would be a challenging experience when I signed up, but I was determined to face each barrier and come through the other side a better person.

By nature, I’m very competitive and driven to outperform my previous achievements. From the initial assessment centre, right through the entire programme, working with so many talented and impressive colleagues brought the best out in me. At the same time as being a high-achieving environment, the culture here is also very collaborative and supportive, which to me is the perfect balance.

The experience has exceeded my expectations and given me the confidence that, with hard work and perseverance, it is possible to have a real impact. I went through three very different rotations within marketing and sales, developing a wide range of skills for my career. I got to understand GSK inside out and, now I’ve finished the FLP, I’ve taken on a permanent digital marketing role.

There's so much potential for digital technology to make a huge impact in global healthcare.

I think of my first year as the ‘initiation rotation’, the time I used to get to know GSK’s business and culture for myself. Working in a sales role for commercial trade in Casablanca, I would do regular field visits to pharmacies, organise scientific events, develop educational materials as well as marketing tools for pharmacists. I was particularly proud of launching a new app that helps pharmacists advise on using different products.

My next experience was my ‘stretch rotation’, working as vaccines product manager. I was in charge of the vaccines portfolio for Morocco at a time when many changes were happening. This gave me the opportunity to practise my resilience and make things happen for my brands.

For example, there was a lack of awareness in the market about the need to deliver vaccine shots consistently – if a child misses a shot, it’s potentially very serious. It’s our job to explain the importance of this through our communications. This was part of the full-year vaccines campaign plan I developed and presented to the business – an achievement I’m really proud of.

My final role was definitely my ‘eye opening rotation’, taking an international assignment to Istanbul in the role of Content Lead for a newly formed team. Our job was to act as a central resource for the regional transformation, supplying our brand managers, across multiple markets, with the right digital content to achieve their strategies. The people were great fun, the work was fast-paced and ambitious – it was exhilarating. Between 2015 and 2016 we grew the reach of our content from 300,000 to 5.3 million healthcare professionals. Not bad for one year!

This experience sparked my passion for digital marketing which I’m now taking forward in my career. It’s a very exciting time. There’s so much potential for digital technology to make a huge impact in global healthcare. This is just the start.