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Melonie, Communications, US

A woman smiling at the camera

I have held a number of leadership roles throughout my 20 plus years with GSK and the Mosaic network has been a big part of my career during that time. 

Mosaic is an Employee Resource Group for Black and African American employees – but it is open to all. It doesn't matter if you are Black, or how you identify, ethnically or racially. We invite everyone to join; all are welcomed, members, allies and friends. Through the group, we bring together a diverse group of people to share and benefit from the experiences, perspectives and knowledge of our members.

The name embodies our vision. A mosaic is made of individual pieces that combine to create something beautiful. I first joined Mosaic for its sense of community. I saw it provided a village, both personally and professionally, for members to encourage and support one another – and to do some good.

We volunteer in the community, tutor school children and hold health awareness sessions. Internally, we run webinars for career growth and personal development. Mosaic is an avenue to broaden your knowledge base and get to know a group of amazing people. You create lasting friendships, but also great networks.

These networks have really helped me become a stronger leader and I’ve also broadened my experience and skills, including project planning, scheduling and budgeting. Through Mosaic, I have been able to use my voice to speak out on issues that affect many of our employees. I have become a strong advocate for Inclusion and Diversity by speaking up and also providing forums for others to do so. This includes providing a safe space for employees to ask questions and learn more about complex and often hard to talk about issues in society that affect how they feel at work. 

Being part of Mosaic provides a platform to speak up. A situation that stands out to me was a Mosaic member asking about raising the Black Lives Matter flag at one of our sites. It was my responsibility to escalate the request, then work with GSK I&D teams to make it happen. Because of a single voice, we are now able to fly the BLM flag at sites across the US in a show of support for our Black and Brown colleagues. GSK stands with us and supports all employees. 

I’m proud to say we flew it for two weeks in October 2020, and we'll be flying it five times every year from now on.