Rossy, Human Resources, US


Human Resources


I’m Rossy and I’m an HR associate on the Future Leaders programme, working in the Talent, Learning, and Organisational Development Center of Excellence (TL&OD). I have a degree in marketing from Bentley University and I minored in HR management and communications.

What I like about this programme is that I get to experience three structured HR rotations with one breadth rotation (something outside of HR), which could be my chance to experience the marketing or communications world or something in research and development. I look at this programme as a chance to find out what I’m interested in and what I’m good at, which is why I'm encouraging my younger brother to look for a programme like this one when he graduates. There are tons of opportunities at GSK; you could really go in any direction, on the science or commercial side.

Learning to be a Future Leader

Since I'm in human resources, I did my first rotation in HR operations. Now, I'm doing my more focused rotation in specialty HR. The Centre of Excellence that I'm in focuses on talent and learning and we’re working on revamping the learning organisation, looking at the way that we deliver training and how we deliver to the business on their learning needs. There's a lot of innovation in terms of making our learning tools better and easier for our clients at GSK to use. It's been very cool in terms of getting to explore my creative side. I didn't know that I had the ability to create websites or come up with these ideas that we're initiating, so I'm really enjoying it.

When I started this rotation, I didn't know much about TL&OD here at GSK, so it took some getting used to. This project has so many moving parts. There's the organisational design piece, the financial piece and then communications and engagement, which is the piece that I'm in charge of maintaining. We have a frequently asked questions column that we update weekly, so I'm on the front line communicating with the employees in TL&OD and anyone who has questions. I get the questions over to the Leadership Team, get their feedback and figure out the best way to respond to them.

This rotation has showed me that there's a lot of transparency that comes from our leadership at GSK. Just listening to how leaders come up with the decisions that they make and the reasoning behind them has been awesome.

Why here?

I knew upon graduating that I wanted to work for a company that made some kind of a positive impact in the world. What made GSK an even better choice was that they're very big on corporate social responsibility. At the interview, I heard about the PULSE programme and global volunteering initiatives, which really made GSK stand out.

I wanted to work for a company that made some kind of a positive impact in the world. What made GSK an even better choice was that they're very big on corporate social responsibility.

The culture was also a big factor. On my first day, I realised that I was sitting right next to the Head of HR Operations for the US. He's the most down to earth person and it was very cool to be able to talk to him about the Future Leaders programme, but also just on a personal level. That taught me what a good leader looks like. My team are great too because they don’t treat me any different for being on the programme. I like that they give me responsibility for vital parts of the project. I think it's really cool that they're willing to invest that much in early talent, because that's how you learn. And whenever I reach out and ask for feedback or opportunities to get more exposure to certain areas of HR, there’s this willingness and encouragement.

Looking ahead…

Eventually, I want to be a people manager, because I think that I have the capability to be a good leader. I want to be a leader who is there for their colleagues and isn't necessarily a friend, but someone who will listen and include everyone. I want to help to create better leaders for the company. I'd also like to own a project, lead it, see it through and find out if I'm able to do that, because I think that's going to determine whether or not I'll be an effective leader in the future.