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Learn more about our views and our practices across a range of issues that are important to GSK, our patients and our stakeholders.

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Intellectual property

Antimicrobial resistance

Antimicrobial resistance is one of the World Health Organization’s top ten threats to global health; in this policy position, we outline how GSK is getting ahead of the challenge and potential policy solutions.

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Approach to clinical trials

This paper describes GSK's approach to conducting clinical trials. It sets out the philosophy underpinning our approach and addresses issues including where we conduct our studies, the standard of care we apply and access to medicines post-trial.

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Cloning, genetic modification, and stem cell technologies

This policy position details GSK's uses of cloning, gene modification, and stem cell technologies for drug discovery and development to advance medical research. 

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Competitiveness and investment criteria

This paper summarises our approach to investment decisions, including criteria that we apply when assessing new opportunities.

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Conflict minerals

This paper summarises our position on “conflict minerals”, including any use of them in our products; our commitment to reduce and ultimately replace any use of “conflict minerals” in our products that benefits armed groups in the “Covered Countries”; and the processes we have in place to meet this commitment.

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Disclosure of clinical research

In this policy position, we set out our commitments to transparency; and registering and disclosing results of all human subject research of GSK products.

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Engagement with patient organisations

This paper sets out our approach to working with patient organisations; why we engage with them; and the standards we apply to ensure our interactions are appropriate, ethical and transparent. 

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Environmental sustainability

In this policy position, we provide our perspective on managing sustainability across our value chain – including limiting our carbon footprint; water stewardship; managing waste; and sustainable, deforestation-free sourcing.

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Falsified and substandard healthcare products

In this policy position, we detail our commitment to minimising the risk of harm to our patients from falsified GSK products and to ensuring the quality of genuine GSK products through strict compliance with internal standards and with regulations. 

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Genetically modified materials and environment, health & safety

This paper sets out what we believe to be an effective and responsible approach to assess and manage potential risks associated with the use of genetically modified materials.

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Hazardous chemicals management

This paper focuses on GSK’s use of chemicals during clinical development, in our manufacturing operations and in our marketed products.

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Human rights

In this policy position, we set out our commitments to promote and uphold human rights through our engagements with patients, our employees, our suppliers, the communities in which we live and operate and our environment. 

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Intellectual property

In this paper we set out the core principles underpinning our position on IP and the approach we take on patents and licensing. 

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Lethal injections

As a science-led healthcare company, we believe our medicines should be used consistently with our purpose, which is to unite science, talent and technology to get ahead of disease together. 

Currently, we are not aware of any GSK products being included in any lethal injection protocol; however, in keeping with our purpose, we would be opposed to such a use.


This paper sets out GSK’s current use of nanotechnology; our approach to assessing and managing potential risks; and our views on the adequacy of the existing regulatory environment. 

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Pandemic preparedness

Pandemic preparedness is a priority for GSK, our sector and public health; this policy position outlines the mechanisms that could strengthen our collective response to future outbreaks.

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Pharmaceuticals in the environment

In this policy position, we outline how we are addressing potential risks of pharmaceuticals which may enter the environment.

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This position sets out GSK’s commitment to high safety, quality, and ethical standards through application of consistent pharmacovigilance principles.

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Political advocacy

In all of our political engagements, we are committed to ensuring that we adhere to the highest ethical standards and legislative requirements. This paper sets out our approach to political advocacy or “lobbying” activities.

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Pricing and access

This policy position sets our approach and views on increasing access to our medicines and vaccines through responsible pricing that is accessible for patients and sustainable for our business; strategic access programmes; and partnerships.

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Responsible use and care of animals

This policy position outlines the high standards of humane care and treatment for our animals and GSK's commitment to replace, reduce and refine until animals are ultimately no longer required for the development of new medicines and vaccines.

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Tax strategy

This is GSK’s tax strategy for 2022.

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Technology transfer and capacity building

This paper sets out our approach to investing in and supporting LLMICs with technology transfer and capacity building, including through skills development and health systems strengthening.

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Treatment use of unlicensed medicines

There will be occasions when it may be appropriate for patients to have access to our unlicensed medicines outside of a clinical trial. This paper sets out our approach to the treatment use of our unlicensed pharmaceutical products and vaccines (referred to as investigational medicines) and the criteria we use to assess requests from healthcare professionals. 

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Working with third parties

This position statement summarises our approach to working with Third Parties. It sets out the minimum standards we expect of them, as well as other areas of importance to us.

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