Annual Report 2023

At GSK, we unite science, technology and talent to get ahead of disease together. We aim to positively impact the health of 2.5 billion people by the end of the decade, as a successful, growing company where people can thrive.

We are a focused biopharma company with strong momentum and big ambitions

Scientists in vaccines R&D lab

We prevent and treat disease with vaccines, specialty & general medicines

We prevent and treat disease with vaccines, specialty & general medicines

We focus on the science of the immune system and the use of new platform and data technologies, investing in four core therapeutic areas (infectious diseases, HIV, respiratory/immunology and oncology). Our Ahead Together strategy means intervening early to prevent and change the course of disease, helping to protect people and support healthcare systems.

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We're confident in our future

We're confident in our future

With our strong momentum and improving outlook for sustained growth through the decade, we're confident in our ability to deliver human health impact at scale, worldwide.

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We get ahead of issues that matter for society and company sustainability

We get ahead of issues that matter for society and company sustainability

We're committed to getting ahead of issues that matter for society and for the sustainability of our company, too – including access to healthcare, diversity, equity and inclusion, and the health of our planet. We're sector leaders in ESG performance, making an impact on some of society's most urgent challenges.

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Our purpose puts our people at the heart of our success

Our purpose puts our people at the heart of our success

Core to our Ahead Together ambition is to make GSK a place where talented people thrive. Our culture of being ambitious for patients, accountable for impact and doing the right thing is the foundation for how, together, we deliver for our patients, shareholders and GSK people.

2023 performance and key performance indicators


Research and development

We continued to strengthen the late-stage pipeline with organic R&D delivery and targeted business development, supporting future growth.


sales of products launched or with major lifecycle innovation expansion in the last five years


major approvals including in infectious diseases, HIV and oncology


assets in phase III/registration


assets in the pipeline


major business development deals


at least 12 major product launches planned from 2025

Responsible business

We continue to be recognised for our environmental and sustainability leadership. Our ESG Performance Rating is on track based on 95% of all performance metrics being met or exceeded. The metrics cover our six focus areas: access to healthcare, global health and health security, environment, diversity, equity and inclusion, ethical standards, and product governance.


in the pharmaceuticals industry in the S&P Global Corporate Sustainability Assessment, with a score of 84 (as of 24 November 2023)


Global Health pipeline assets progressed to address priority World Health Organization (WHO) diseases


reduction in operational carbon emissions (Scope 1 and 2)

Our culture and people

Our purpose – to unite science, technology and talent to get Ahead of disease Together – puts our people at the heart of our success.

Two people collaborating in the office

We are committed to making GSK a place where people can thrive, with a culture where we are all ambitious for patients, accountable for impact, and do the right thing. This means we support our people to do things better and faster, focusing on what matters most.

Culture progress is measured through our employee surveys. 

Our employee engagement score remained high at 81% in 2023.

Our business model

We unite science, technology and talent to get ahead of disease together for health impact, shareholder returns and thriving people.

Two people talking in GSK House office

Experts in science, technology, manufacturing, regulation, intellectual property and commercialisation

GSK people

countries worldwide

suppliers working directly with GSK

R&D investment in 2023 – up 13% AER, 14% CER

manufacturing sites

global R&D centres in the US, UK, Belgium and Italy

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Employee in manufacturing site in Wavre

Our broad vaccines portfolio targets infectious diseases at every stage of life, helping to protect people from meningitis, shingles, RSV, flu, polio and many more.

Specialty Medicines
Our specialty medicines prevent and treat diseases, from HIV and respiratory diseases, to immune-inflammation diseases like lupus, to cancer. Many are first or best-in-class.

General Medicines
We have a portfolio of more than 150 primary care medicines, including our inhaled medicines for asthma and COPD, and antibiotics for infections.

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HCP patients

Infectious diseases
Our infectious diseases portfolio is the broadest in the industry and, including HIV, accounts for two thirds of our pipeline.

We are leaders in HIV, focused on ending the global epidemic. We have an industry-leading pipeline, driven by patient insights.

We’re pushing the frontiers of respiratory science and harnessing the science of the immune system to transform patient outcomes in areas of unmet need,
based on decades of innovative research.

We have an emerging portfolio focused on blood and women's cancers, and are seeking to make transformative breakthroughs in immuno-oncology.

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Hand pipetting in a lab

We are leveraging new platform and data technology at every step of the R&D process to be faster, more effective, and more predictive in discovering and developing innovative new medicines and vaccines.

We use technology to enable more productive and efficient manufacturing processes, supply chain reliability and returns on investment.

People and productivity
Technology is also core to how we work. We ensure our people have the tools, analytical capabilities and resources to make data-driven decisions and do their best work.

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Two people working in the lab

We develop and launch new medicines and vaccines where they are needed, with better and faster R&D.

Our bold ambitions for patients are reflected in our upgraded growth outlooks to 2026 and 2031.

We focus on issues where we can have the greatest impact and reduce pressure on health systems including tackling health challenges and inequities, protecting the environment and taking action on diversity, equity and inclusion.

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HIV patient

2.3bn packs of medicines and doses of vaccines delivered

58p per share dividend

£1.3bn corporate income tax paid; in addition we pay duties, levies, transactional and employment taxes

The economy
Disease prevention and earlier intervention to improve health can lessen pressure on health systems and support economic productivity.

Our people
We support all our people to grow, be well and do work that really matters.

The returns we make enable us to reinvest in discovering and developing new vaccines and medicines so we can continue getting ahead of disease.

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